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Doctoral Candidate, Laws
Doctoral Candidate, LL.M.


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Areas of expertise

Law of damages
insurance law
artificial intelligence
autonomous systems
self-driving cars
unmanned ships


I work as a doctoral candidate and teach law of obligations. I am involved in a research project called Algorithmic Agencies and Law (AALAW) which focuses on legal questions that algorithmic decision-making will raise. I am also a member of the Baltic Area Legal Studies (BALEX) steering group. Before my academic career, I worked as a specialist in an insurance company.


I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation that discusses how the proliferation of robotics may affect the fundamental premises of tort law. The study focuses especially on questions that autonomous technologies and algorithmic decision-making may raise.


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Remote and Autonomous Ships - The Next Steps (2016)

Esa Jokioinen, Jonne Poikonen, Mika Hyvönen, Antti Kolu, Tero Jokela, Jari Tissari, Ari Paasio, Henrik Ringbom, Felix Collin, Mika Viljanen, Risto Jalonen, Risto Tuominen, Mikael Wahlström, Jouni Saarni, Sini Nordberg-Davies, Hannu Makkonen
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