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Doctoral Student, Materials Engineering
Doctoral Researcher, UTU Graduate School (UTUGS)
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Areas of expertise

Electrochemical characterization
Redox flow batteries
Energy storage.


I studied Chemical Process Engineering at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, in Argentina. I got my degree in March 2013. During my studies, I worked in the Programa de Elecectroquímica Aplicada e Ingeniería Electroquímica (PRELINE) within this university under advice of José Bisang. My work involved studying experimentally electrochemical reactors to remove SO2 from gaseous streams, particularly with three-dimensional structures as electrodes. 

Finished my studies, I worked in a chemical factory: Arauco Argentina (global manufacturer of forestal products). I worked in the position of Process Engineer (production of methanol, formaldehyde and urea-formol resins) until March 2020.


Currently, I am a doctoral student at Pekka Peljo's research group at the University of Turku.

My research is focused in the utilization of organic compounds in redox flow batteries, looking for promising materials to be used in these systems. By the application of standard electrochemical techniques, the behavior of the organic compounds is studied and characterized. My research also includes the coupling of these systems with solid boosters, thought as potential enhancer of the energy storage density of redox flow batteries.