Study of Cultures

Areas of expertise

sociology of religion
marketization of religion, religion and media, discursive study of religion
religion and popular music


I am a sociologist of religion, and I am specialised in religion and socioeconomic change, the discursive study of religion, and religion, media and culture. My main recent publications include Church, Market, and Media: A Discursive Approach to Institutional Religious Change (2017), The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Popular Music (2017, co-edited with Christopher Partridge), Religion, Media, and Social Change (2015, co-edited with Kennet Granholm and Sofia Sjö), and Christian Metal: History, Ideology, Scene (2015).


Sociology of Religion; Religion, Media and Culture; Religion and Discourse


My research is characterised by the combination of theoretical and methodological perspectives from different disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. My current Academy Research Fellow’s project (2018–2023) explores the spread of discourse related to market and new public management, as well as terminology used among contemporary religious communities in Finland. 


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Introduction (2017)

Marcus Moberg, Christopher Partridge
(Kirjan tai muun kokoomateoksen osa (B2))