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Senior Planning Officer, Areal Research and Development - ARD
Doctoral Student


+358 29 450 2433
+358 40 582 8748
Joukahaisenkatu 3-5

Areas of expertise

educational development
transnational education
assessment of learning
evaluation of teaching
quality of learning
capacity building of university teachers


Matti has worked in different roles (eg. senior researcher, head of educational development, head of the unit, leading coordinator) in educational development and quality assurance of university teaching for 30 years. He has organized long-term professional development courses for higher education teachers institutionally, nationally and internationally. He has also been a member of auditing teams of Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council. He was the Chair of Finnish Educational Development Network Peda-forum 2014-2016. Currently he is a Board member in ICED (International Consortium for Educational Development).

At the moment he is involved eg. in a project which tackles the technology enhanced learning in Kazahk universities (


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