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Senior Researcher, Laws
Postdoctoral Researcher


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Areas of expertise

Environmental law
regulatory studies
forest regulation
participatory rights
corporate social responsibility


Minna Pappila is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku, currently working on the research project ‘Protecting Biodiversity by Operationalizing the No Net Loss Principle in Environmental Regulation’, funded by the Academy of Finland (grant number 298056). Before this, she worked at the Finnish-Russian research project ‘Oil production networks in the Russian Arctic – societal impacts and potential for partnership’ (University of Lapland). She has graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Turku (LL.M.) and in 2011 she defended her Ph.D. thesis on Finnish and Russian forest regulation. After working in the Ministry of Environment in 2012, she has been working as a postdoctoral researcher and teaching environmental law at the faculty.

Before this, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher on water regulation issues in TERLA project (Impacts of Terrestial Organic Matter Loading on Lake Food Webs and Human Health - Challenges for Environmental Regulation, 2012-2016) of the University of Eastern Finland. Pappila’s post doc research has also earlier focused on Russian environmental regulation and CSR as a part of the research project Companies Coping with Multiple Regulatory Systems in Russian Resource Extracting Business (University of Eastern Finland).


Pappila has been teaching Finnish, Russian and EU environmental law at the University of Turku, University of Lapland and the University of Eastern Finland. Course include e.g. EU environmental law, climate law, and corporate social responsibility.


Pappila’s research interests include EU, Finnish and Russian regulation on the use and protection of natural resources, with a special emphasis on forests, biodiversity protection and public participation. She has also published on non-state environmental regulation, corporate ecological and social responsibility, and the legitimacy of regulation. She has participated in several multidisciplinary research projects on the use and protection of natural resources in Finland and Russia.


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