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Materials Engineering
Materials Engineering

Areas of expertise

energy storage
redox flow battery
solid charge storage materials


I received my masters degree in the field on materials science from University of Tartu, where I studied electrochemical reactions on Cd and Bi single crystals. During my PhD years (2012-2017) in University of Tartu I studied the effect of carbon support materials on performance of low temperature fuel cells.   

In 2020 I started my postdoc with Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation grant in Aalto University in the field of redox flow batteries. Later in 2020 I moved to University of Turku to continue my research. I have been awarded Estonian Research Council postdoctoral grant.


Energy Storage (6 ECTS, lecturer and practical work supervisor: 2015-2019)

Materials Technology (6 ECTS, lecturer in 2016-2019)


My reasearch focuses on development of next generation redox flow batteries (RFBs). In order to use renewable energy in a large scale it is essential to develop inexpensive batteries. RFBs have been proposed as a promising technology for large scale energy storage. The main objective of my reasearch is to demonstrate the concept of RFB and to obtain inexpensive, high energy density system for large scale energy storage.


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