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Collegium Researcher, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies


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Areas of expertise

Diverse sexualities and genders
lesbian communities
lesbian and gay politicians
normalization of homosexuality
historical construction of homosexuality
queer archiving
sex research


Dr Tuula Juvonen works a Collegium Research at the University of Turku, Finland. Her current (2018-2020) research project at TIAS, The Materialisation of Affective Attachments, focuses on sexualities and genders in flux. She is also leading an Academy of Finland funded project at the University of Tampere titled Just the two of us? Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships (2015–2020).

As a researcher, she has been affiliated both with Finnish Universities (Tampere 2001–2006, 2012–2017, Helsinki 2010) and, as a visiting scholar, with foreign universities (Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University College, University of Toronto 2017; Birkbeck, University of London 2015; Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at CUNY, New York 2010, 1994; Humboldt Universität, Berlin 2010; University College Dublin 2004).


Juvonen has not only published on queer pedagogy, but also held teaching positions in Gender Studies and Queer Studies at several Finnish universities (Helsinki 1999, Jyväskylä 2007–2009, Tampere 2011–2012) as well as been appointed as a Visiting Professor at the University of Hamburg (2006). She is available for supervising scholarly work at the Gender Studies Program and offers a course on sexuality in spring 2019 (SUPU2036 Seksuaalisuus II, in Finnish).


In her previous Academy of Finland funded projects Juvonen has studied emerging lesbian communities, the changing position of homosexuality in Finnish society, and diverse professional practices, such as parliamentary politics, archiving, journalism and sex research that have produced knowledge about female and male homosexualities.

Juvonen recently edited together with Marjo Kolehmainen for Routledge an anthology titled Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships (2018). Her most recent monograph Kaapista kaapin päälle (2015) deals with the normalisation of homosexuality in Germany and Finland through the lens of openly lesbian and gay politicians, and an earlier one, Varjoelämää ja julkisia salaisuuksia (2002), is about the post-war construction of Finnish homosexuality. She has acted as a co-editor of SQS – The journal of queer studies in Finland.


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