Doctoral Student, Laws
Doctoral Candidate of Law

Areas of expertise

Internet Law
Internet Governance


Vasiliki graduated in June 2012 from the Faculty of Law of the National Kapodestrian University
of Athens. In September 2012 she continued her studies in University of Turku Faculty of Law, in
the two-years’ Law and Information Society (LIS) Program.
In 2014 she graduated from the Program, obtaining a Master of International, European and Comparative Law, majoring Information Society and Internet Law. She wrote her thesis on the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime. 

Currently she is completing her doctoral studies as a Doctoral Candidate of Law in
the University of Turku, Faculty of Law, while since 2018, she is also a research fellow in the Athens Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin), of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB).


Throughout her Doctoral Studies in University of Turku she offers lectures on Internet Governance
and Public Speaking for Law Students. She has her own courses on Internet Governance and Public Speaking in the curriculum 2018 - 2020, while she has also previously presented her research teaching in terms of other courses in the LIS Program curriculum. 

In terms of her research fellowship with the AUEB, she offers seminars and workshops on issues involving Internet Law, privacy and aspects of law and innovation. 


Since her Master studies years, Vasiliki had a vivid interest in issues involving law and technology, and more specifically law and the Internet. Starting her Doctoral Studies that interest became focused on Internet Governance, Internet Law and the legal aspects Information Society. 

Her dissertation focuses on the increased and continuously growing privatization of Internet Governance on the content and logical layer of the Internet, seeking to explore the reasons behind the establishment of particular governing arrangements, while urging for the need to reconsider the way the Internet is currently governed, under the light of Rule of Law. 

Her research interests include issues related to Internet Governance, privacy and freedom of expression online, as well as the intersection of Internet Governance and fundamental rights and promotion of their digital rights, policy-making for the Internet and users’ rights. She is also interested in issues related to democratization of Internet and Technology Governance. 

She identifies herself within the family of Science and Technology Studies (STS) Internet researchers and Digital Constitutionalism supporters. Through her research she wishes to contribute in the critical evaluation of the way Internet and Technology Governance are perceived and arranged and the way the role of law is framed and understood within a rapidly digitalized community, and strongly supports interdisciplinary research and cross-disciplinary promotion of knowledge.


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