Researcher Career

​Researcher career can be described as four-stage model that is also used in other EU countries.

The first stage of the researcher career is doctoral training. Doctors graduating from the University have excellent employment prospects and approximately half of the graduated doctors continue working in research.

Four-stage Researcher Career Path

1. Doctoral training for a doctoral degree

On the four-stage researcher career path, the first stage is the doctoral training for the doctoral degree. The usual title is doctoral candidate or project researcher. At the University of Turku, the Graduate School UTUGS coordinates this stage.

2. Forming an identity as a researcher

During this stage, the researcher's identity is formed and steps are taken towards a more independent and responsible role in the research community. At this stage, a typical title is postdoctoral researcher or senior researcher.

3. Independent researcher or leader of a research group

On the third stage of the career path, researchers are established and act independently or are leaders of a research group. Titles at the third stage are university research fellow, university lecturer or senior research fellow.

4. Leading researcher in the field

The fourth stage of the career path applies to professors and research directors. Research and teaching responsibilities at this stage are wide-ranging and more demanding


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