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​Announcement of the Public Defence of a Doctoral Dissertation

After the faculty has granted you the permission to print and appointed the Opponent and Custos, they will grant you the permission to defend your doctoral dissertation.

Then you can make the announcement of the public defence of a doctoral dissertation to the University Communications for the media coverage of the public defence. Do not fill in the announcement before you have been granted the permission to defend your dissertation.

Press Release – the Business Card of your Research

The media coverage of the dissertation is an excellent opportunity for you to make your research known to the general public, in other words, popularise your work.

Basic Text for the Press Release

Sum up the main points of your dissertation in Finnish into one page for the press release and revise the text together with a communications officer.the main points of your dissertation in Finnish into one page for the press release and revise the text together with a communications officer.

The press release of the public defence of a doctoral dissertation is sent nationally to nearly 400 representatives of the media. The press release may be used as a basis for a news story as it is or as a tip on a larger story, in which case a reporter might contact you directly.

Interviews are generally conducted prior to the public defence. Therefore, it is important that you can be reached at the phone numbers given in the press release during the week before your public defence.

If your native language is not Finnish, please ask one of your colleagues to translate your text into Finnish.

University Communications is responsible for sending the press release, which consists of two parts. The first part is the actual press release with information about your research and its results. The second part is written based on the information provided in the announcement form.

Start with the Results

A press release has the opposite order of handling subjects compared to  a scientific article:

  • the most important result of your research is in the first sentence
  • the background information of your research is in the end

Please remember that the press release is aimed at reporters, not the experts of the subject or colleagues.

  • Try to come up with a clear and enticing heading. Use simple words.
  • Avoid using foreign terms.
  • Concentrate on the essential and condense. The shorter the better.
  • Think about the new information the research has revealed.
  • Subheadings help define the structure of the text and make the text easier to read.
  • Write short paragraphs.
  • You can model the press release after the previous press releases published on the website of the university (in Finnish).

Send the Outline for the Press Release and a Photograph of Yourself to the University Communications

Send the text you wrote, no later than two weeks before your public defence, by email to

  • communications[at]

A communications officer reads through your text and contacts you a couple of weeks before your public defence.

Some newspapers publish a photograph of the Doctoral Candidate with a news story of the public defence of the doctoral dissertation. Deliver your photo to the University Communications as a JPG file of a size no smaller than 1 MB and no larger than 3 MB.


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