Publishing and Printing the Dissertation

​Publishing in the Annales Series

Turku University Library helps doctoral candidates in publishing in the  Annales Universitatis Turkuensis series.

More information on the Library’s webpages:

>> Publishing a dissertation in the Annales series

Dissertations Published in Other Series

If the dissertation is published in some other series than the Annales, you can ask the publisher about printing and the number of prints (see also the number of printed dissertations given to the University).

The copies given to the University have to be printed in the dissertation format. A title page is added to the dissertation and it must include information on the time and place of the dissertation defence and that the dissertation is an academic dissertation approved by the Faculty for public defence.

If the dissertation is self-published, you must ensure that it has an ISBN. Read more:

>> ISBN service

In the University units’ own series, the ISBN and the serial number are given by the unit.

Digital Publishing/Printing of the Dissertation

The dissertation may be published as an online dissertation and is not required to be printed for the public defence. However, the university is obliged to archive and inform and thus  three copies of archival quality will have to be printed:

  • one for the main library for permanent storage
  • one for the faculty
  • one for the Student Services to be posted on the University noticeboard

The Doctoral Candidate is responsible for having the three copies printed and delivered. Please send the library copy to

Turku University Library
Publishing services


Deliver the information of the permission to print to the library and fill in the publication agreement with which you grant the permission to publish your work in the publication archive.

If the dissertation is not published in the Annales series, but in some other publication, please acquire permission to publish the dissertation online from the original publisher of the dissertation.

The library saves the digital dissertations (published in both the Annales series and other publications) in the digital publication archive.

If the dissertation is an article-based compilation dissertation, and includes, in addition to the actual dissertation, articles published earlier in other publications, only the actual dissertation is published online.

The cover of the dissertation is not available online. The online publication includes the title page and its overleaf and the actual dissertation where the possible original articles that will not be available in the final online version must be marked.

The serial and ISSN numbers of both versions are the same. However, each version has its own ISBN number. Both ISBN numbers must be displayed on the reverse side of the title page.

The online version (PDF file) can be submitted to the library e.g. on CD/DVD or digitally, preferably though the Hermes file uploading service (see the IT Services for instructions on using the Hermes file uploading service). When sending the file by email through Hermes, the address to be entered in the Recipient field is


You can also submit your work some other way, with a USB memory stick/card, after agreeing with the publication archive administrator (ty-annales[at], tel. (02) 333 5870).

CDs and DVDs become property of the library whereas memory sticks/cards will be returned to the owner.

If the dissertation is to be printed, see

If the dissertation is printed using the university publishing support, one of the printing houses that were included in the university tendering process must be used (more information from the lawyer of public procurement, tel. 02 333 6132)

  • Newprint Oy, Contact Person: Eeva Aaltonen, eeva.aaltonen[at], tel. 010 2312 611
  • Painosalama Oy, Contact Person: Tomi Vuori, toimisto[at], tel. (02) 241 0105
  • Suomen Yliopistopaino Oy – Juvenes Print, Contact Person in Turku: Jan Bergman, asiakaspalvelu[at], tel. 020 756 8653

Further instructions on digital publishing are available on the website of the University Library.

Time Frame

A dissertation for online publishing must be submitted to the University Main Library in digital form (PDF) 15 days before the public defence.

The dissertation is published in the archive no later than 10 days before the public defence. An errata page can be appended to the dissertation in the archive within one month after the dissertation has been approved.

If the dissertation is published only in printed form or both in printed and digital forms, the printed version must be submitted to the university 10 days before the defence.

Publishing Support

It is possible to receive publishing support for the publication of a doctoral dissertation. Your own faculty will give further instructions on the application process of the publishing support.

Additionally, some foundations and organisations award grants to cover the costs caused by the publication of a dissertation. Further information is available in the grants database Aurora overseen by the University Project and Innovation Services.

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