Publishing and Printing Doctoral Dissertation

​Online publishing promotes open science and access to scientific information and it is therefore recommended. The dissertation does not have to be printed as a book if the doctoral candidate publishes it electronically. The electronic version of an article-based dissertation does not include the articles. However, the dissertation does not have to be published electronically if the doctoral candidate does not want to do so for a specific reason. In these cases, the dissertation has to be printed. Instructions for both forms of publication are available in the Library’s ResearchGuides.


If the dissertation is printed, the doctoral candidate has to take care that, after getting the permission to defend the doctoral dissertation, the printed dissertation is released publicly at least 10 days before the dissertation defence. Doctoral candidates have to contact the printing house well in advance. You can contact the printing houses and ask about the schedule already before getting the permission to defend the doctoral degree. You should do so especially if you know that your own schedule is tight. You should reserve approximately20 days for the printing process. If the layout of the content pages is done at the printing house (the layout of the cover, title page and loose sheet are always done automatically), you have to reserve 30 days for the printing process.

If the doctoral candidate receives publishing support, s-/he should use one of the printing houses tendered by the University. The University’s contract printing houses:

Grano Oy
Contact person: Ilkka Mäki, tel. 0400 783480
Painotalo Painola Oy
Contact person: Rauno Gustafsson, tel. 044 333 3000
Paino-Kaarina Oy
Contact person: Jani Johansson, tel. 040 5840 226
AS Spin Press
Contact person: Timo Kassinen, tel. +358 453 507 313
Guidelines for Printing Doctoral Dissertation (PDF, includes information for the request for quotation and order)
The doctoral candidate is responsible for the proofreading of the dissertation and permission to print (approving the manuscript for printing). The doctoral candidate is also responsible for the outward appearance of the printed dissertation. Doctoral candidates have to take care that the dissertation corresponds to the formal requirements of the University and their faculty and that the work includes the abstract both in Finnish and English.

A word template for all doctoral dissertations in the university is in the making by the University Communications. In a case of an urgency, you may inquire a template from the Communications department, address viestinta(a)  

Some of the faculties have their own template for the dissertation which can be used in the meanwhile:

The cover models and first pages of the University of Turku doctoral dissertations series and instructions on layout:

Number of printed copies

University’s instructions on the minimum printing requirement and distribution of doctoral dissertations (PDF)

Faculties’ instructions:

Support for Publishing

It is possible to receive publishing support for the publication of a doctoral dissertation. The support for publishing varies based on whether the dissertation is published in the University of Turku Annales Universitatis Turkuensis series or in some other series. If the doctoral candidate publishes using the publishing support, s-/he should use one of the printing houses tendered by the University (more information from Procurement Lawyer, tel. 050 383 9896).

The printing house delivers the electronic invoice directly to the University. Instructions for invoicing in the Guidelines for Printing Doctoral Dissertation.
For the invoicing the doctoral candidate has to inform the faculty-specific internal order (cost centre number):

  • Faculty of Education: 26003160
  • Faculty of Humanities: 26003181
  • Faculty of Law: 26001563
  • Faculty of Medicine: 26002330
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering: 2606000
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: 2603000

In Turku School of Economics, the printing house can be chosen freely by the doctoral candidate who is also responsible for covering the printing costs. The doctoral candidate may apply for a grant for covering the printing costs from the Turku School of Economics Association (the application is available from the coordinator of the doctoral programme of TSE). The grant will be paid after graduation.

Additionally, some foundations and organisations award grants to cover the costs caused by the publication of a dissertation. Further information is available in the Aurora grant database.


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