Open Research Policy in Open Science

The Open Research Policy of the University of Turku describes the principles and procedures related to opening research processes and methods on the University level. The operational programme of the Policy guides and regulates the practical implementation.

In this context, open research refers to the openness of the entire research process, making it available for anyone for utilisation unless prevented by a reason related to research ethics or legislation. Therefore, the openness of research is comprised of the provision of access to research data in accordance with the Data Policy of the University of Turku, providing open access to publications in accordance with the Publication Policy of the University of Turku, and providing access to all research phases necessary for ensuring the reproducibility of research in accordance with the present Policy.

In addition, the openness of research also refers to collaboration, visibility and impact that is as open as possible during the entire research process, including the designing, planning and implementation of research as well as the publication, valuation and utilisation phases. The transparency and openness of research can contribute to the quality, further use and impact of research. Furthermore, the promotion of open collaboration can also support multidisciplinary research and citizen science, and thus enable conducting research that could not be realized without open collaboration.

The preparation of the Open Research Policy of the University of Turku included using e.g. the contents of training events and the Open Science online course of the Open Science and Research project (ATT) of the Ministry of Education and Culture, a recording and presentations of the EOSC Summit of the European Commission, and the materials provided by the EOSCpilot project on its website as well as a report on the impact of open science produced for the European Commission (2015) and a report on the evaluation of research careers and incentives for researchers practising open science (2017). At an early preparatory stage, this Policy was made available nationally on the website of the Openness of the Research Process Working Group of the Research Services and Administration Network (TUHA). In addition, information on the open preparation process has been actively communicated to the University community via different communication channels. The community could also comment on the Policy with a Webropol survey.