Open Science at the University of Turku — Publications and Publication Policy

Open publication is a central principle of science and research. Open access must be granted to scientific publications produced at the University of Turku if allowed by the terms of the publisher.

Have you written a scientific, professional or popular publication?

  • Record the publication information of your publication in the University's Research Portal so that the Library can validate them.
  • The publications you have added to the system can be found by funders, researchers and other who might be interested of your research with search engines, such as Google, after their validation.
  • The system will provide a printable CV that fulfils the requirements of Academy of Finland
  • Only the publications recorded in the system are taken into consideration in the research funding received from the Ministry of Education and Culture

Has your publication been published online in an Open Access journal?

  • Add the link (DOI or URL) to the publication information in the Research Portal.

Has your article been published in a "normal" scientific journal which is subject to a subscription?

  • The University of Turku requires that researchers also save (parallel publish) a final draft version (authors accepted manuscript) of his or her article in the University's Research Portal or some discipline specific open repository. 
  • In addition, several research funders require that the published articles are saved (= parallel published) in an open repository.  
  • The Library checks the permission of the publisher for the parallel published final draft version of the publication.
  • Publications that are openly available are cited and used more often and therefore open access increases the availability, visibility and effectiveness of your research.

Are you about to publish a digital thesis or dissertation?

  • The instructions are available on the Library webpages.

Are you only just starting to look for a publication channel for your article (e.g. an academic journal)?

  • You can ask for advice from the Library's publication services (julkaisut[at] in order to find a suitable journal.


>> Publication Forum

The three-level Publication Forum classification of academic publication channels (academic journals, series, conference publications, book publishers) including all the disciplines. The evaluation is performed by 23 discipline-specific Expert Panels composed of some 200 distinguished Finnish or Finland-based scholars.

>> Directory of Open Access Journal

The Directory of Open Access Journals contains more than 10,000 open access peer-reviewed journals covering all areas of science.

>> Library Publication Services

Publish you dissertation or thesis online.​​

Publication Policy

Open access must be granted to scientific publications produced at the University of Turku if allowed by the terms of the publisher. The open access principles apply to everyone conducting research at the University of Turku and the researchers using the University of Turku as an affiliation. Research Information System is the publication platform used at the University of Turku.

Openness is an essential part of science. Open publication increases the reliability of science, the prerequisites for scientific research as well as the potential for utilising science in decision-making. It also narrows the gap in knowledge between developing and developed countries.

The motto of the University of Turku, "From a free people to free science", is a reflection of how the University was established in 1920 with a public fundraising and as a gift to science. Open science brings science to the people.

The strategy of the University of Turku aims to create an operational culture in which the principles of open science are followed at every level of the University. The aim of the publication policy is to encourage the researchers at the University of Turku to open access publishing even when this is not required, for example, by the funding agency.

The publication policy of the University of Turku is available in PDF format through the link on the right side of this page.