Publication Policy

​Openness is an essential part of science. Open publication increases the reliability of science, the prerequisites for scientific research as well as the potential for utilising science in decision-making. It also narrows the gap in knowledge between developing and developed countries.

The motto of the University of Turku, "From a free people to free science", is a reflection of how the University was established in 1920 with a public fundraising and as a gift to science. Open science brings science to the people.

The strategy of the University of Turku aims to create an operational culture in which the principles of open science are followed at every level of the University. The aim of the publication policy is to encourage the researchers at the University of Turku to open access publishing even when this is not required, for example, by the funding agency.

The publication policy of the University of Turku is available in PDF format through the link on the right side of this page. 


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