Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine has since 2008 had 4 calls for applications ja has recruited 26 researchers.

Former TSCM researchers: (still members of the Collegium, if they so prefer and can participate all the events organised by the TCSM)

Dr Georgiy Belogurov, Department of Biochemistry
Dr Patrik Jones, Department of Biochemistry (Plant Physiology and Centre for Biotechnology)
Dr Noora Kotaja, Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Physiology
Dr Sabrina Maniscalco, Department of Physics
Dr Antti Saraste, PET Centre and Department of Cardiology
Dr Petteri Ilmonen, Department of  Biology (Genetics)
Dr Riku Kiviranta, Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Biochemistry and Genetics
Dr Sayani Majumdar, Department of Physics
Dr Anton Zavialov, Department of Chemistry  

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