Turku Institute for Advanced Studies - Administration and Board of Management

Board of Management

The TIAS board is responsible for organizing the application and review processes together with other TIAS activities. The board consists of representatives from all five TIAS faculties of the University of Turku. 

TIAS Board

Chair: Prof. Jaakko Suominen, Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Vice Chair: Prof. Anne Kumpula, Dean, Faculty of Law
Prof. Marja-Liisa Helasvuo, Vice Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Prof. Mia Korpiola, Faculty of Law
Prof. Markus Granlund, Dean, Turku School of Economics
Prof. Anne Kovalainen​, Turku School of Economics
Prof. Jukka Husu, Dean, Faculty of Education
Prof. Piia Seppänen, Vice Dean, Faculty of Education
Prof. Elina Mainela-Arnold, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
Prof. Juha Räikkä, Vice Dean Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Elina Valovirta, Collegium Researcher, English (reserve Outi Vesakoski)
Dr. Jenni Tikkanen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Education (reserve Teija Rantala)

Ex-officio members
Vice-Rector Kalle-Antti Suominen
TIAS Director Martin Cloonan

Vice members of the board

Prof. Anne Alvesalo-Kuusi, Vice Dean, Faculty of Law
Associate Professor Marjaana Veermans, Faculty of Education
Prof. Taina Syrjämaa, Vice Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Prof. Niina Nummela, Vice Dean, Turku School of Economics
Vice-member for the Faculty of Social Sciences

Secretary: TIAS Coordinator Jenni Kankaanpää