TIAS Board

Chair: Prof. Marja Vauras, Dean, Faculty of Education


Vice Chair: Prof. Markus Granlund, Dean, Turku School of Economics

Prof. Jussi Tapani, Dean, Faculty of Law

Prof. Hannu Ruonavaara, Vice Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. Joel Kivirauma, Faculty of Education

Prof. Anne Kovalainen​, Turku School of Economics

Prof. Marja-Liisa Helasvuo, Vice dean, Faculty of Humanities

Prof. Kalle-Antti SuominenVice Rector, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Prof. Anne Kumpula, Faculty of Law

Professor Jaakko Suominen, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, University of Turku

Prof. Juha Räikkä, Faculty of Social Sciences

Vice members of the board:

Prof. Hanna Meretoja, Vice Dean, Faculty of the humanities

Prof. Jukka Husu, Vice Dean Faculty of Education

Prof. Mia Korpiola, Faculty of Law

Prof. Niina Nummela, Niina Nummela,Turku School of Economics

Prof. Minna Laakso 

TIAS Director

Prof. Martin Cloonan,

TIAS Coordinator

Ph.D. Silja Laine, (- 8.11.2017)

Ph.D. Kaisa Hakkila, (9.11 - 31.12.2017)

From 2018
Docent Marko Ahteensuu,



20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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