Food, Animals, and Luxury: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) seminar



10.00-10.05 Opening words by TIAS Collegium Researcher Helena Siipi
10.05-11.05 Laura Hollsten (Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology, Åbo Akademi University): “Transatlantic animals as luxury items in early modern Europe”
11.05-12.05 Ann-Sofie Lönngren (Centre for Gender Studies, Uppsala University): “We need to speak about bunnies. Tensions between eating, loving, and wearing”
Chair: Helena Siipi
12.05-13.00 LUNCH BREAK
13.00-14.00 Per Sandin (Department of Plant Biology and Forest Genetics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences): “Luxury, virtue, and vice”
Chair: Marko Ahteensuu
14.00-14.20 COFFEE
14.20-17.00 Presentations by University of Turku researchers
14.20-14.55 Sami Torssonen: “Livestock welfare as a commodity”
14.55-15.30 Annamari Vänskä: “Underwear and high heels – for pet dogs. A posthuman turn in fashion?”
15.30-16.05 Visa Immonen: “Luxury and animals before the modern era – Are there points of convergence?”
16.05-16.40 Helena Siipi & Marko Ahteensuu: “Food security, the duties of the Western people, and Animals”
 16.40-17.00 General discussion
 Chair: Silja Laine; Discussants: Laura Hollsten, Ann-Sofie Lönngren and Per Sandin
TOPIC AND AIM: The seminar explores the use of animals in food systems from the perspective of luxury. Topics include: (1) environment, endangered species and food, (2) animal health and well-being (luxury and suffering), (3) the use and non-use of animals and animal products as a source of social status, (4) the (luxury) use of animals, food security and global justice, and (5) corporeality and mixing human and animal bodies.
Laura Hollsten is a University Teacher (lecturer) in History at Åbo Akademi University. Her research interests include environmental history, human-animal studies and the history of consumption. She is currently working on a project
entitled “The Place of Animals in the Early Modern Atlantic World”.
 Ann-Sofie Lönngren is an Associate Professor in literature, currently working as a researcher at the Center for Gender Research at Uppsala University. Her interests include Nordic 20th century literature, animal studies, interdisciplinarity,
queer theory and intersectionality. These perspectives are all employed in her latest book, Following the Animal. Power, Agency, and Human-Animal Transformations in Modern, Northern-European Literature (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, forthcoming in 2015).
Per Sandin is a Senior Lecturer in Bioethics and Environmental Ethics at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden. His research interests are primarily in applied ethics, environmental philosophy, and the philosophy of risk. He is currently involved in a research program on ethical aspects of agricultural biotechnology.
The seminar is open to everyone. Warm welcome. Registration for coffee before May 5th: silja.laine (at)

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