Research Council of the University of Turku

In addition, the Research Council participates in the quality management work related to research and proposes measures that affect

  • the University's research profile,
  • development of the University's support services for research,
  • the planning of research assessments,
  • internationality and connections between sciences,
  • the maintenance and development of research infrastructures,
  • the acquisition of supplementary funding,
  • the career development of young researchers,
  • utilisation of innovations and industrial cooperation.

The Research Council also acts as the steering group for the Research Assessment Exercise. The Council is heard when significant initiatives are launched by the University.

Vice Rector Kalle-Antti Suominen acts as Chair of the Research Council, and its members are:

Professor Jani Erola
Professor Jyrki Heino
Academy Professor Johanna Ivaska
Academy Professor Sirpa Jalkanen
Professor Anne Kumpula
Professor Erno Lehtinen
Professor Kari Lukka
Professor Pirjo Nuutila
Professor Tapio Salakoski
Professor Hannu Salmi
Professor Petri Tapio

Director of Development Riitta Mustonen and Head of Research Services Soile Haverinen act as expert members. Soile Haverinen is also the secretary of the Council.

The Research Council convenes approx. six times annually, but also more frequently, if needed. External experts may be invited to the meetings.

The Research Council is appointed by the Rector, and its term is 1 August 2015 – 31 July 2018.
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