Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences (DPMLS)

DPMLS trains internationally oriented specialists with a wide knowledge on molecular biosciences and a special know-how on one of the main research areas. DPMLS offers doctoral education both in natural and technical sciences.

Research Themes

  • Microbe-host interactions
  • Antibiotic biosynthetic enzymes
  • Cell adhesion and cancer
  • Collagen receptor integrins
  • Regulation of eukaryotic transcription
  • RNA polymerase and transcription

Research in Biochemistry

Biotechnology and Diagnostics
  • Novel diagnostic assay platforms
  • Bioaffinity assay technology research
  • Measurement and automation systems for diagnostic assays
  • Clinical biomarker research
  • Nucleic acid diagnostics
  • Food and environmental diagnostics
  • Antibody engineering
  • Biomarker discovery and development
  • Bio-organic chemistry

Research in Biotechnology

Food Chemistry and Food Development
  • Bioactive compounds of foods
  • Lipids and secondary metabolites of natural food resources in Northern Hemisphere
  • Quality, stability and health effects of food
  • Food metabolomics
  • Bioactive food ingredients
  • Food Product Research

Research in Food Sciences

Molecular Plant Biology
  • Photosynthesis
  • Bioenergy and Synthetic biology
  • Chloroplast redox compounds
  • Stress signaling
  • Gene regulation
  • Light acclimation and defense reactions
  • RNA-silencing
  • Plant-fungus interactions

Research in Molecular Plant Biology

UTUGS funded doctoral candidate positions

Name and funding period:  

Emil Aalto-Setälä (Biochemistry): 1 / 2021 - 12 / 2024
Sami Oksanen (Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics): 1 / 2021 - 12 / 2024
Eija Ahonen (Food Chemistry): 7 / 2021 - 12 / 2023
Nelli Vahvelainen (Biochemistry): 1 / 2021 - 12 / 2021
Tanja Kakko (Food Chemistry):1 / 2021 - 12 / 2021
Asmaa Abbas (Biochemistry): 1 / 2021 - 12 / 2021
Saara Kuusinen (Analytical Biotechnology): 6 months during the year 2021

If someone of the above-mentioned persons does not accept the position or someone in the funded position resigns during the year 2021, his/her unused person-months during the year 2021 will be allocated without a separate call to those placed on a reserve list in the following order:

1.    Reserve position: Saara Kuusinen (Analytical Biotechnology)            
2.    Reserve position: Rami Aalto (Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics)        
3.    Reserve position: Hany Ahmed (Food Chemistry)    
4.    Reserve position: Gabor Toth (Molecular Plant Biology)                  
5.    Reserve position Azfar Bajwa (Molecular Plant Biology)                 
6.    Reserve position: Anna Puganen (Food Chemistry)                          

DPMLS grant for completing a doctoral degree 1/2021

DPMLS grant for completing a doctoral degree 1/2021

Application period: 7 January – 21 January 2021 (the call closes at 23:59:59)

Grant period: The grant can be applied for 1–3 months. The awarded grant period must be used without a break within the time period: 1 February – 30 June 2021.

Grant amount: 1972 €/month

Target group: The grant can be applied for by a person who is in the final stages of completing a doctoral degree, who has been granted the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Turku in Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences and who will defend the dissertation in a public examination at the University of Turku. The Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences grant for completing a doctoral degree can be received only once. Please, apply the grant only if you will defend the dissertation during the year 2021. Otherwise, apply the grant in the next call.

Applying: The applications are submitted electronically. In addition, the supervisor of the applicant’s doctoral dissertation is to confirm the information in the grant application correct by emailing to latest 21 January 2021 (please write in the subject line ‘PhD2021/name of the applicant).

Purpose of use of the grant and the conditions of applying: During the grant period, the doctoral candidate is assumed to complete the studies required for the doctoral degree and/or finalize the dissertation manuscript so that it can be submitted for pre-examination. The grant requires full-time studies. The grant cannot be received at the same time with earned income from the University of Turku, full-time work by other employer, or another working grant. The grant recipient commits to reporting on progress within four weeks of the end of the grant period. If the situation of the applicant is changed so that abovementioned conditions are no longer fulfilled, the grant recipient must inform the Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences without delay.

Funding decisions: The applications submitted by the deadline will be evaluated by the Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences using the following criteria:

  • the completion rate of an article-based dissertation/the completion rate of a monograph
  • the completion rate of the studies required for the degree
  • the realism of the plan for completing the doctoral degree
  • the earlier granted funding for doctoral studies
  • the need for funding that enables full-time studies and the significance of the grant for completing the degree

The grant (1-3 months) can be awarded to 1-4 doctoral candidates of the Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences. Priority is given to doctoral candidates who present a realistic plan for completing their doctoral degree in 2021. The grant recipients will be informed personally.

Further information: DPMLS Coordinator Sari Järvi (, tel. +358 50 358 4596)

DPMLS travel grant 1/2021

DPMLS travel grant 1/2021

Call for travel grant applications

DPMLS appropriate travel grants for scientific meetings, educational events / courses and for research visits (inside Europe max. 500 euro, outside of Europe max. 800 euro). It is also possible to apply funding to cover the registration fee of E-Congress. Doctoral candidates, who have registered for the doctoral programme in Molecular Life Sciences, enrolled at the study register of the University of Turku as attending, are qualified to apply. The applicant should give a scientific presentation in the conference (oral or poster). The call is targeted to travelling taking place during January - June 2021.

The application period starts in January 7 and the deadline for applications is January 21, 2021 (the call closes at 23:59:59). 

Application link:
Travel grant applications for scientific meetings should include:
-The name, location and time of the meeting
-Title of the presentation (poster or oral)
- A conference abstract of presentation and the confirmation of conference registration, and
if already available, the confirmation of the acceptance of the abstract.

Travel grant applications for other educational events and research visits in collaborating university / research institute should include:
A plan of the research visit and the invitation letter from the inviting research group OR the program of the educational event/course and confirmation of the registration.

Funding decisions: The applications submitted by the deadline will be evaluated by the DPMLS using the following criteria:

  • Earlier received travel grants from DPMLS
  • Already granted other funding
  • Amount of the studies completed for the degree
  • Estimated year of completing the degree
  • Current employment status

The grant recipients will be informed personally. The grant recipient commits to provide travel report within four weeks of the end of the grant period.

Further information: Coordinator Sari Järvi (, tel. +358 50 358 4596)

Contact Information


DPMLS Director:
Professor Eevi Rintamäki

DPMLS Coordinator:
Coordinator Sari Järvi

Sitaatti PhD DPLMS Sanchez
The best thing about the DPMLS is the learning environment, with technology, nature and friends, where I enjoyed discovering the molecular basis of life.
Anita Santana Sanchez, DPMLS doctoral candidate, Department of Biochemistry