Doctoral Programme in Biology, Geography and Geology

Students of the doctoral programme ​get their  PhD degree either from the Department of Biology or from the Department of Geography and Geology

They also have access to shared facilities, such as the University of Turku Laboratory of Geoinformatics (UTU­LCC) and the research and teaching activities at the  field stations.   

Research Themes


The education and research at the Department of Biology are wide-ranging and cover all the levels from cell and molecular biology, physiology and genetics to individual species, interaction between species and evolutionary phenomena on population and community level. In addition to humans and animals, the research topics cover plants and microbes and their environment. The ecotoxicology, ecology and conservation genetics research of environmental problems caused by the human impact are a central part of the department’s operations.

Geography and Geology

The interdisciplinary research at theDepartment of Geography and Geology is focuses on the dynamic processes of the Earth at various scales of space and time. The department hosts various specialized researchers and research groups with study topics ranging from sedimentology and historical environmental changes to innovation environments and urban structures.


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 “The BGG program at the University of Turku offers me a supportive and collaborative atmosphere as well as multidisciplinary connections for learning and research. It helps me to come up with a more comprehensive view on my research.”

Doctoral Candidate, BGG


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