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Conferences, Seminars

List of upcoming meetings and conferences of the British Ecological Society​, UK.
Feral: A nearly carbon-neutral conference, takes place entirely online in November 2018. More information *NEW*, added 4 April 
5th European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB2018), June 12-15, 2018, Jyväskylä, Finland. Call for symposia and workshops for the ECCB2018.
Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society PhD Student Conference, September 11-14, 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark. More information. *NEW*, added 26 April

Courses, Workshops 

BGG employment opportunities course, 30 March 2017 onwards. More information in Moodle​. 
Sentinel North International PhD School - Shedding light on arctic marine ecosystem services. July 12-14, 2018, Baffin Bay, Canada. Please visit the website for more information. Call for application is open until January 28, 2018.
Introduction to mathematics for researchers. 17 August, 2017 to 8 June, 2018. University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
English Writing Clinics, the second Tuesday and last Friday of every month, Language Centre in Agora, University of Turku.

Portals with multiple course offers

Check these regularly, new content comes up unannounced
Courses and events organized by FinBioNet (Finnish Doctoral Programme Network in Life Sciences
Quantitative ecology module, České BudějoviceCzech Republic
Courses organized by
Distributed European School of Taxonomy​ (DEST)
Highland Statistics Ltd: Open courses in statistics
​​Forbio - Research School in Biosystematics - Courses and events
UTUGS organizes courses of interest for Doctoral Candidates in different scientific fields. The list also contains courses organized by different Doctoral Programmes, Departments and Faculties of the University.​ Course Programme.

List of courses given in English at the Department of Biology​​ (University of Turku)

List of courses given in English at the Department of Geography and geology​​ (University of Turku)

List of courses given in English at Åbo Akademi University​


Past BGG sponsored events

Modelling Hydrodynamics and Water Quality of Pit Lakes workshop, 29-31 May 2018. Registration link and more information. 

Final Countdown - Finishing my PhD 2018, 8 May 2018. More information 

Academic Writing for BGG doctoral candidates, 20 April-18 May 2018. More information 

Aura Symposium, April 25-26, 2018, Turku. More information in www page.

BGG Doctoral Training Day 2017. 4 December 2017. UTU Campus (ICT building, Joukahaisenkatu 3-5, 20520 Turku).

Lost in Science – How to survive Your PhD, ICT-building, auditorium Lambda, University of Turku November 1 2017. More details: Lost in Science 

BGG Baltic Sea symposium 2017 – Broadening the Horizon beyond the Sea. October 16-17, University of Turku. More details. BalticSeaSymposium second circular and Baltic Sea Symposium program.

Workshop "An Introduction to Spatial Data Handling and Mapping in R", 20.2.-3.3.17, University of Turku. 

The 26th Annual BioCity Symposium: Microbes R Us​, 1.-2.9.2016 Conference center Mauno, BioCity, Turku.
Biogeography of tropical forests course, 12 to 16 October 2015, University of Turku. EKOL3149_ad.pdf

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