Timing of the PhD dissertation

More detailed instructions can be found in the faculty webpages and in the University webpages. Please contact sci-docstudies@utu.fi for further information. 

From the very beginning

  • Start to carry out the research on which your PhD thesis will be based. Set intermediate goals in terms of data acquisition and writing. Because it can take a long time to get manuscripts accepted for publication, try to have your first one ready for submission by the end of the second year.
  • Start to earn the study credits required for the PhD degree (see Structure of the degree). You can accumulate credits during the entire PhD project. However, studies often give you knowledge and skills that help in planning and carrying out your research, and those are most useful if you do them early on.

6 months before defence

  • ​Discuss possible pre-examiners and opponents with your supervisor.
  • Either your supervisor or your research director contacts potential pre-examiners and opponents and asks if they are available at the time when you expect to finish your thesis. If you have a deadline for graduation, make sure to reserve enough time for this: researchers are busy people, so your first choice may decline the invitation. It is also possible that the ideal opponent is only available on particular dates.
  • ​If you have not yet completed the studies required for the doctoral degree, make sure you do so by the time your thesis is ready for pre-examination. You will not be able to defend your thesis otherwise.

4 months before defence

  • Finish the PhD thesis (including the manuscripts). Abstracts are needed in Finnish and English. Publishing in the Annales Universitatis Turkuensis series.
  • Have a trial defence in the PhD seminar (optional).
  • Ask your research director to propose to the faculty the two pre-examiners, the opponent and the custos. More information on pre-examination of the doctoral thesis and permission for the defence of the thesis at a public examination can be found from the faculty's www pages: Guidelines & Forms). 
  •  A person to carry out linguistic revision of the thesis may also be appointed.
  • Make a preliminary agreement about the defence date with the custos and the opponent.​
  • Reserve the lecture hall for the defence (varaukset@utu.fi).
  • Reserve a venue for the Karonkka party.

 2 months before defence

  • Prepare a final version of your thesis taking into account any comments the pre-examiners may have made in their reports. The faculty will only give you permission to defend​ your thesis when both pre-examiners are satisfied with it.
  • Ask publisher a permission to reprint the published manuscripts in the Annales Universitatis Turkuensis series.
  • Contact the printing house and agree with them about the printing schedule of your thesis.
  • Fix the time for the defence with the custos and the opponent.
  • Confirm or change the venue reservations for the defence and karonkka, as appropriate.
  • Apply for the postgraduate degree certificate at the faculty. The faculty will not give you a permission to defend your thesis before this has been done.

1 month before defence

  • When your dissertation has received the permission to publish, fill in the  request for the Annales Universitatis Turkuensis series number and the request for ISBN (more information).  
  • Send the final version of the thesis as a pdf file to the printing house.
  • Send the printed thesis to the opponent as soon as you can.
  • Fill in the online form for the public defence announcement.

  15 days before defence 

  • ​Send the pdf of the thesis introduction to the university library.
  • Send the press release about your thesis and defence to University Communications. The press release has to be in Finnish.

 10 days before defence

  • Deliver printed copies of your thesis to the university library according to the instructions.
  • Agree with the custos about practical arrangements related to the arrival of the opponent and the defence itself.

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