Supervisor and research directors responsibilities


​Responsibilities of the supervisor are: 

  • to direct the student in planning and completing the postgraduate studies;
  • to direct the student in planning and completing the research and completing the thesis;
  • to follow the progress of research and postgraduate studies in accordance with the supervision plan;
  • to assist the student in making contact with other researchers in the field and with the users of the research;
  • to assist the student in applying for funding by providing information on available options.

 Responsibilities of the research director are: 

  • to assume responsibility for the scientific level of the degree;
  • to ensure that the project is feasible, given the research plan, the supervision plan and the financing plan;​
  • to make a proposal regarding the establishment of a possible thesis advisory committee;
  •  to ensure that the necessary conditions for the studies are maintained;
  •  to monitor the progress of the research work and postgraduate studies annually in collaboration with the supervisor;
  •  to ensure that the study credits ​obtained by the student are adequate for the degree;
  •  to ensure that the thesis as a whole meets the requirements regarding the extent of theses;
  • to assume responsibility for an electronic originality check of the thesis using a plagiarism detection system approved by the University;
  •  to make a proposal regarding the examiners of the licentiate thesis or the reviewers, opponent and chairperson (custos) of the doctoral thesis;
  •  to provide the faculty with a statement approved by the supervisor, research director and student indicating the author’s contribution to the research if the thesis contains joint publications. The statement must also tell whether a part of the thesis has earlier been used in another thesis or if such use is being planned;
  •  to ensure that the intended final version of the licentiate or doctoral thesis is delivered to the examiners and to the faculty (as a pdf file to  by the student, supervisor or research director immediately after the examiners have been appointed;
  •  to ensure that the doctoral thesis is delivered to the opponent by the student, supervisor or research director immediately after the opponent has been appointed

 Responsibilities of the student are:

  •  the student carefully prepares for the meetings and follows the agreed timetables;
  • the student completes postgraduate studies independently with the supervisor’s support;
  • the student annually participates in the agreed number of postgraduate courses and ensures that they are appropriately registered;
  • the student is responsible for the progress of his/her research work and for informing the supervisor and the doctoral programme on the progress made according to the agreed reporting schedule and in the agreed way;
  • the student informs the supervisor (thesis advisory committee) of all the changes that considerably affect the working conditions, the progress of the thesis project or keeping the agreed schedule.​




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