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Next call for applications for the right to pursue a doctoral degree and funded doctoral candidate positions will be open September 3 - September 21, 2018.

             Application call
In this application call you may apply for:
  • The right to pursue a doctoral degree in BGG Doctoral Programme at the Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Fixed-term funded doctoral candidate position in BGG Doctoral Programme
Application call link ("Apply here") and the instructions ("BGG Guidelines for Electronic Application") will be updated on the right panel of this www-page before the call will be opened. Please, follow our www pages for updated information. Do not hesitate to contact BGG coordinator, if you require any further information.  



In order to be eligible for doctoral studies in BGG, you must have an appropriate university degree (typically MSc). Eligibility criteria and the responsibilities of postgraduate students can be found from the instructions concerning doctoral training given by the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Before applying, you must also make contact with the department in which you wish to graduate. This is because you need supervisors for your PhD research, and you are most likely to be successful in finding them if your research interests coincide with those of a research project that is already active in the Department of Biology​Biodiversity Unit or in the Department of Geography and Geology. As a general rule, doctoral students should have at least two supervisors. A single supervisor is only possible if you also have an advisory group. An advisory group typically consists of 3-4 persons, and some of them should be from a different university.
Both your research plan and the supervision arrangements have to be approved by a professor in the department in question. This professor will become your research director ("valvoja" in Finnish) if your application for the right to study is approved.  
When you have decided to apply to the BGG doctoral programme, please note the below practical things that have to be sorted out before submitting an application.

1. Read carefully the admission requirements​ that all applications have to meet. Do not waste your time preparing an application that will be rejected immediately.

2. Be active and contact the department to agree on the supervision arrangements for your studies. Achieving a title of a doctor is far from being a simple task, so you will need a network of people who are committed to giving advice and encouragement. 

3. You need a funding plan, since money is needed both to secure your livelihood during the doctoral studies and to carry out the research you are aiming to do. The funding plan has to be credible. Note that foreigners cannot obtain a residence permit in Finland without a documented source of income. A right to study does not include funding or scholarship from the University.

 4. Keep your original degree certificates at hand and prepare to aquire officially certified copies with an English translation if needed. Those applicants who have been granted the right to study and who have completed their studies at a university abroad have to submit original or officially certified copies of the degree certificates, other educational documents and the official translations of the documents to the University of Turku by 14 December 2018. Please note that the schedule for submitting the documents after the notice of acceptance is very tight. More information about the certificates needed: Submitting degree certificates.


 If you have questions regarding the application procedure, please contact the BGG programme coordinator Tiia Forsström (tiia.forsstrom(at), mobile: +358 50 358 4596 or BGG director Jon Brommer (jon.brommer(at), mobile: +358 50 534 3360.



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