Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research

Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research (DPCR) promotes high quality clinical investigation and doctoral training in multidisciplinary research projects covering many different aspects of clinical medicine. Doctoral candidates in this programme may have a basic degree in medicine, natural and biosciences, health sciences, medical physics, psychology, the science of nutrition, physical education or another equivalent field which is in the scope of DPCR. Turku Brain and Mind is a subprogramme of DPCR.   

DPCR focuses on the clinical and mechanistic aspects of different medical issues. Expertise and know-how of the doctoral candidates will develop in the following areas: 
  • epidemiology, etiology, clinical features, diagnostics, treatment, prognosis and outcome of diseases
  • promotion of health and prevention of illnesses 
  • understanding, critical evaluation and practical application of  research results
  • research ethics  

Research Themes

  • Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases: e.g. LASERI and STRIP, CoE in Turku PET Centre, clinical cardiology
  • Paediatric research: infections, immunology, NAMI, DIPP and Teddy projects
  • Neurosciences: Turku Brain and Mind Center, FinnBrain
  • Orthopaedic research: clinical orthopaedics and biomaterials
  • Oncology: the molecular mechanisms and diagnostic biomarkers of cancer growth and metastasis. Clinical cancer research supported by Auria Biobank
  • Medical imaging and diagnostics and their applications - important and innovative players in translational research
  • Social- and health care service research
  • Other topics: epidemiology, public health, clinical allergology and immunology, reproductive medicine

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