Progress report

Follow-up committee meeting

A doctoral candidate should convene a follow-up committee meeting and  report to the members on the progress of the thesis work and doctoral training at least once a year.  The follow-up committee members will have valueable impact on the thesis work in general, and in particular if any difficulties emerge.

Progress Report

The progress of the thesis work should be stated in an annual progress report submitted to the doctoral programme. The purpose is to monitor the realisation of the supervision plan and the activity of the follow-up committee. The electronic progress report is submitted once a year.

  • The link to the report of the year 2017 was open 9 - 31 January 2018

Doctoral programme-specific progress reports are approved as a part of the doctoral studies (0.5 credits / report, max. 2 credits).

  • Information on the postgraduate studies >>

Career and Review Discussions

University of Turku Graduate School aims to enable an opportunity for annual career and review discussion to all doctoral candidates. The regular and systematic review discussions (development discussions) are normal practice in employment relationships. The possibility to career and review discussions is given to the doctoral candidates that are doing the doctoral research on research grant or other funding, too.

Passive register - info

A doctoral student’s study right is transferred to the passive register if s/he has not pursued doctoral studies or participated in supervision according to what has been planned. The study right will also be declared passive if the student has enrolled as non-attending student or neglected to enrol during the last three academic years. 

  • The annual reporting is especially important if the doctoral candidate does not have any other study registrations (NettiOpsu).



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