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1. Drug Research Doctoral Programme (DRDP)

The doctoral candidates of Drug Research Doctoral Programme (DRDP) carry out their doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine or at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Doctoral candidates of DRDP will carry out their doctoral studies in research groups with high scientific standards. Each doctoral candidate focuses on a specific topic relevant for drug development, while the doctoral research training is comprehensive and covers a wide range of different fields in drug research. The training provides a general view of the drug development process, starting from molecular and mechanistic levels and continuing to preclinical and clinical drug research, pharmaceutical development, and pharmacoepidemiology. Training is largely produced within a national network of Drug Research Doctoral Programmes (FinPharmaNet; see, ensuring that all fields of drug development and drug research, even those not so strong in Turku, are well covered. Knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences is strong at the Universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland, and plays an important role in the national collaboration of doctoral training in drug research. Also, the supervisors and doctoral candidates in the field of drug research at Åbo Akademi University are involved in the network. The companies and authorities in the field of drug research are also involved in the planning and generation of training.

2. Closing date for applications and what can be applied for

From September 3rd, 2018 to September 21st, 2018 one can apply for:

a) a fixed-term doctoral candidate position
b) a right to study for a doctoral degree
c) both of the above (a and b)

The link to the electronic application form will be open from September 3rd  00:00 to September 21st 23:59). DRDP ID number is XXXX.

DRDP application can be done either in English or in FInnish.

General guidelines for postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Medicine:

3. Eligibility

The right to study for doctoral degree at the Faculty of Medicine can be applied for by persons who meet the eligibility criteria for pursuing a doctoral degree, as stipulated in the Universities Act (558/2009, Section 37), as well as the prerequisites for pursuing a doctoral degree (incl. possible language skills requirements)  at the Faculty of Medicine.

Eligible for studies leading to an academic postgraduate degree is a person who has completed
1. an applicable higher university degree
2. an applicable higher polytechnic degree; or
3. an applicable education completed abroad which in the awarding country gives eligibility for corresponding higher education.

Degree specific prerequisites for pursuing a doctoral degree are written in the electronic curriculum 2016-2018 of the Faculty of Medicine: Academic postgraduate degrees.

The eligibility criteria and other general guidelines (incl. language requirements):
o    Faculty of Medicine:
Faculty of Science and Engineering:

The applicant must have the degree certificate of Master studies latest  on September 21st 2018!

. Applying

Qualified applicant with research topic fitting the scope of DRDP can apply. The motivation to apply to DRDP is presented in the Motivation letter. The applicant should have 1-2 supervisors with at least one supervisor affiliated with University of Turku and holding the UTU -account to use the UGIS system. One member in the follow-up committee should be well familiar with the practicalities of doctoral train-ing in the faculty and DRDP.  To plan the theoretical studies, take into account the Learning outcomes of DRDP and your career plans.

4.1 Application documents.

The application should contain
1) electronic application form (link will be open from September 3rd, 2018 to September 21st, 2018)
2) Pdf files

The application should include the following:

  1. Motivation letter (why do you wish to perform doctoral studies in this doctoral programme)
  2. CV of the applicant (it is mandatory to use attached CV model)
  3. Structured research plan approved by the supervisor (max 5 pages) Guidelines find at
  4. The postgraduate study plan. Mark to the plan the studies you have already taken.Faculty of Medicine – Use  this template or Faculty of Science and Engineering – Use this Supervision plan.
  5. Supervision planthe Medical Faculty’s form (Fill in electronically, print and sign together with the supervisor/-s and the head of subject)
  6. A university degree certificate, if applicant has attained the higher university degree somewhere else than in the University of Turku and in addition, a transcript of studies if the degree has been completed outside Finland (please see the detailed instructions on the Faculty’s www-page ( on section “Before applying”)
  7. An application for approval of a third supervisor containing an explanation, when proposing three supervisors
  8. Signed notice of consent giving permission to check the authenticity of the documents provided with a copy of the passport (instructions and the form)
  9. If applicant has to pass a language test, the copy of the language test result must be attached to the application

5. Decisions

The decisions on granting the right to pursue a degree are made by the Dean of the Faculty in question based on the proposal of the steering committee of the doctoral programme.

The decisions on granting the right to pursue a degree are made and informed to applicants latest at November 30th 2018 by e-mail.

 6. Additional information:

DRDP director Eriika Savontaus, erisan(at)

DRDP coordinator Eeva Valve, eeva.valve(at)



 Check-list for applicant

  • ​Check the application period.
  • Read the instructions of the Faculty and the Doctoral Programme carefully!
  • If you are going to verify your language skills with a language test, make sure that you book your test time well in advance. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make his/her own language test arrangements.
  • Get the required signatures in time and prepare the appendix document.
  • Fill in the electric application form.
  • Remember to apply in time. 
  • Keep your original certificates at hand and prepare to acquire officially certified copies if needed.

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