Doctoral Programme on Educational Policy, Lifelong Learning and Comparative Education, KEVEKO
​Researchers at the Doctoral Programme on Educational Policy, Lifelong Learning and Comparative Education Research (KEVEKO) conducts research on multi-disciplinary aspects in a culturally diversified environment. KEVEKO provides high quality and comprehensive doctoral education under the guidance of distinguished professors and supervisors. Research support and various funding opportunities to internationalize various researches form the pillar of KEVEKO for a knowledge based professional programme.
You can find the members of the Steering Committee of KEVEKO for the period 1.8.2017-31.7.2019 here
The UTUGS funded doctoral candidate positions for the periods 2015-2018, 2016-2019, 2017-2020 and 2018-2021 can be found here.
The research on learning and education is recognized as one of the areas of strength in research at the University of Turku. Furthermore, KEVEKO has been appointed as a partner in a Nordic Centre of Excellence in Education for Tomorrow (NordForsk) with a cross-national research network ”Justice through education in the Nordic countries” (2013-2018).
There is intensive international research cooperation between KEVEKO and many leading research institutes in Europe and beyond. The share of promising international doctoral candidates of KEVEKO is high.
The programme is closely linked to research conducted at the Department of Education and Center for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education (CELE). KEVEKO also plays a vital role in the nationwide Finnish Multidisciplinary Doctoral Training Network on Educational Sciences (FinEd).

Research Themes

• Comparative and international studies of education and the integration of global, national and local policies in educational governance.
• Studies of educational policies and educational trajectories, e.g. studies of equity and equality in education as well as educational selection.
• Studies of higher education policies and changing functions and positions of university institutions.
• Studies of lifelong learning and working life including schooling and competence of adults.
• Studies of special education, disabilities and immigration of youth.


“The close interaction of students and professors in both national and international seminars and the regular visits of internationally acclaimed visiting professors add to the rich and serene study atmosphere."

Elizabeth Eta

Doctoral candidate, Cameroon


20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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