Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Computer Sciences
The Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Computer Sciences MATTI reaches over the faculty borders and doctoral candidates can pursue doctoral studies either in the Faculty of Science and Engineering or at the Turku School of
In MATTI Programme the following academic disciplines are represented: mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, phonetics as well as ICT from three different viewpoints. These viewpoints for ICT are natural sciences, technical sciences as well as economics.
The MATTI Programme functions within a wide network of both national and international arenas. The international character of the program is therefore garanteed.
In the strategy of University of Turku Mathematical research is one of the Research areas in an advanced development stage. One of the focuses on mathematical research in University of Turku is on discrete mathematics motivated by computer science and data transmission which are deeply related to MATTI Programme.

Research Themes

Department of Future Technologies

  • Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Discrete Optimization and Probabilistic Inference
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Bio and Health Informatics
  • Game and Educational Technology
  • Interaction Design and Digital Humanities
  • Cyber Society, Safety, Security and Privacy
  • Communication and Security Engineering
  • Internet of Things
  • Embedded Intelligence, Cloud and Fog Computing
  • Sofware Engineering and Software Business
  • Software Technology and Software Security
  • Language Acquisition and Learning
  • Speech Perception and Production

Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Design and implementation of ICT-management and -governance
  • IS- and e-services user/customer behaviour
  • Work informatics and IS-ethics
  • e-health/-wellbeing

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Theory of automata
  • Cellular automata
  • Discrete dynamical systems
  • Combinatorics on words
  • Computability theory
  • Coding theory and combinatorics
  • Graph theory
  • Number theory
  • Function spaces and partial differential equations
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Optimization
  • Biomathematics
  • Financial mathematics
  • Theoretical statistics
  • Statistical inference needed in the methodology of empirical sciences
  • Econometrics and time series analysis

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University of Turku math department is the place in Finland to study discrete mathematics. I am excited to work on a difficult well-known open problem and be able to make actual progress on it. This would not be possible without my supervisor and support from the people in the department.

Michal Szabados

The Matti Doctoral Programme offers a great path toward excellence in research and superb doctoral studies. I consider myself privileged to be trained by motivated and supportive supervisors who show me how to achieve rigor and relevance in my doctoral studies.

Sanaz Rahimi Moosavi

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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