How to apply
​Application process for the Doctoral Programme of TSE

Turku School of Economics offers the following postgraduate degrees:

  • Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Social Sciences

Application periods in 2018 - 2019

  • 3 to 21 September, 2018 (including funded doctoral candidate positions)
  • 1 to 20 March, 2019
Application form is available only during the application periods.
Please note that applications sent only via e-mail are not accepted.

Selection process for the study right

TSE grants admission to about 35 doctoral students per year. In addition to the selection criteria above, admission can be refused because of insufficient supervision resources in the major. The applications are processed in the major subjects and by the Steering Committee of the doctoral programme. During the admission process, the applicant may be asked for additional information in order to ensure his/her eligibility. The study right is granted by the Dean of TSE. 
All applicants will be informed of the results of the selection. 

>> Selection criteria

>> Preparing your research plan

Application form and enclosures

The study right for the degree of Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration, Doctor of Social Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy is applied with an application form in an electronic application system.
The application periods are in accordance with the application periods of University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). The application period is twice a year: in spring term and in autumn term. In the application, the applicant needs to present the major subject and the degree structure for the doctoral degree.

The required application enclosures are as follows:

  1. Research plan, including a funding plan and schedule of the research and studies (80 % of the evaluation is done based on the research plan)
  2. Copy of the degree certificate*
  3. Copy ot the transcript of records*
  4. Official translations* (to Finnish, Swedish or English) of the degree certificates and transcripts of records if the official documents are not written in English, Finnish or Swedish
  5. Letter of motivation
  6. Curriculum Vitae
  7. Possible reference letters
  8. Language test scores or other verification of English language skills (see Sufficient language skills)
  9. Authorisation form and copy of your passport in case you have completed the degree abroad
NOTE!  *Those applicants who have been granted the right to study and who have completed their studies at a University abroad (not in Finland) have to submit officially certified copies of the degree certificates, other educational documents and the official translations of the documents to the University of Turku according to the call for applications.
The applicant has to attach all required application documents in to the electronic application form. The application form and the enclosures must be delivered by the application deadline. The applications that have not arrived by the deadline will not be processed

Call for applications 3.-21.9.2018

Our programme aims at training of experts for the needs of business, society, and academic community. We are known of four distinctive profile areas in research: entrepreneurship, management control, networks in business, and economic policy and markets. A strong emphasis is on the themes of innovation, foresight and responsibility.
In the research and teaching portfolio, our programme covers a multitude of disciplines related to business, economy and future studies. In the programme the doctoral degree can completed in four years.
The application period is from 3 to 21 September, 2018. Results of the selection will be announced by the end of November, 2018. All applicants will be informed on the outcome of the selection.


Application form

The application form in the electronic application system is available only during the application period. Follow the link below:
NOTE! The application form must submitted in the application system before the deadline. The application form will close at 23:59 on the last day of the application period.
Please note that applications sent via e-mail are not accepted.

Call for applications 3.-21.9.2018: Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Computer Sciences (MATTI)

Doctoral candidates at Turku School of Economics may also belong to the  Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Computer Sciences (MATTI) as Information Systems Science as major subject.
See information on MATTI-programme and applying from Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. When applying for a right to pursue a doctoral degree at TSE in MATTI-programme, the selection criteria for postgraduate studies at TSE are used.


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