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Multidisciplinary and creative research in Entrepreneurship

Employment at the university enables Doctoral Candidate Laura Niemi to focus on her research and doctoral studies full-time. Her research interests lie at the intersection of entrepreneurship and marketing focusing on the individuals’ sense making and sense giving processes in the relational and socially constructed business environment. Laura feels that the Doctoral Programme of TSE has offered a lof for her academic career and development as a scholar.



Organizational creativity in Pori Unit

Doctor of Science (in Econ.& Bus.Admin.) Annika Blomberg explains how she found her way to doctoral studies at Turku School of Economics. Conducting research at Pori Unit under the guidance of encouraging professors has given her a lot of freedom to make her own choices. Annika describes working in Pori Unit very motivating.

Futures Studies attracted me to TSE

Turku School of Economics is one of the few universities in the world to give postgraduate education in Futures Studies. Doctoral Candidate Matti Minkkinen shares his story on how he came to conduct his doctoral studies at TSE and how he feels about doing research in Turku.


Conducting research in International Business

Originally the Master's programme in Global Innovation Management (GIM) at Turku School of Economics led now a Doctoral Candidate Jonathan Van Mumford to Finland. Jonathan finds Turku a perfect environment for a researcher and appreciates the supportive and inclusive spirit of the community at TSE.


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