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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainability

The University of Turku graduate school UTUGS and the Åbo Akademi University organize a course Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainability for doctoral candidates 13 April -14 April 2021. Also other researchers and staff members are warmly welcomed to participate in the webinar conference days.

The course includes three parts, which all must be completed to get 2 ECTS credits.

  1. Independent pre-task: Doctoral candidates will be provided with relevant literature concerning sustainable development and a one-paged pdf slide summary must be submitted before the conference.
  2. Webinar conference 13.-14.4.2021.
  3. Independent writing-task: Based on the conference, a 2-3 page description of sustainable development goals and their implementation in own research and study plan must be submitted.

More information in study guide (University of Turku).


Doctoral Candidates at University of Turku, link for registration in NettiOpsu (registration time: 1.3.-31.3.2021)

University of Turku researchers and staff members, registration for webinar conference via Konsta Staff Training Calendar: (requires logging in the intranet).

For Åbo Akademi: link for registration (registration time: 1.3.-31.3.2021).

Preliminary programme (minor changes possible)

Webinar conference day 13.4.2021

State-of-the-art: a comprehensive overview of the multidisciplinary sustainable development research in University of Turku (UTU) and Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU)

Presentations and workshop discussions

9.00 Opening of the conference
Taina Syrjämaa, Professor, UTU and Marko Joas, Professor, ÅAU

9.15 Introduction to sustainable development: ecological, social, economic and cultural dimensions, UN´s SDGs
Jukka Käyhkö, Professor, Department of Geography and Geology, UTU

Ecological approaches

10.00 Challenges of coexistence between people and wildlife
Toni Laaksonen, Professor, UTU

10.15 Renewable resources from biomass
Henrik Grénman, Professor, ÅAU

10.30 Discussion in small groups

10.45 Common discussion

Social approaches

11.00 Governing sustainable development
Nina Tynkkynen, Professor, ÅAU

11.15 Supporting children's wellbeing and mental health by providing digitally-assisted parent training - Voimaperheet model
Marjo Kurki, Senior researcher, UTU

11.30 Discussion in small groups

11.45 Common discussion

12.00 Lunch break

Economical approaches

12.45 Sustainable management – quo vadis
Satu Teerikangas, Professor, UTU

13.00 Sustainable value creation in the maritime industry
Magnus Hellström, Professor, ÅAU

13.15 Discussion in small groups

13.30 Common discussion

Cultural and Legal approaches

13.45 The historical and cultural crux of sustainability
Taina Syrjämaa, Professor, UTU

14.00 Rule of law, equality and access to justice in the anthropocene
Magdalena Kmak, Professor, ÅAU

14.15 Discussion in small groups

14.30 Common discussion

15.15 Wrap-up

15.45  Closure

Webinar conference day 14.4.2021

9.00 Multi-disciplinary approaches to studying complex sustainability challenges
Minna Halme, Professor of Sustainability Management, Aalto University School of Business & Aalto Sustainability Hub

9.45 Sustainable development – research funder perspective
Laura Raaska, Director, Academy of Finland

Discussion in smaller groups

Short presentations by the doctoral candidates based on their pre-task


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Further information

Coordinator Nina Lehtimäki, Research Career Unit, University of Turku