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​Do you need an enthusiastic worker for a fixed-term project? Could your development project use a new perspective? Are you looking for an intern? The Career Services of the University of Turku will help you to find a suitable form of cooperation and students.

  • Internship: Hiring a student as an intern is an excellent way to get to know the future experts. Internship is carried out at the end of studies. This means that the student gains work experience which can then be used after the graduation.
  • Commission a Thesis: Do you need a development plan, history or other report? Utilise the university’s expertise by commissioning a thesis. Our students cover almost all possible research subjects.
  • Student Projects: Do you want to develop your product, step up marketing or organise an event? Offer an assignment and students will solve your problems with teamwork.
  • Visibility at the Campus: Companies and organisations can build positive employer image by organising presentations and recruiting rounds or participating to events as a speaker.  Events can make your company known among the students, teachers and researchers.

Announce Vacancies

Turku Academic Career Services (aka Rekryturku) service helps you to connect quickly with students and graduates. The free service is for announcing internships, thesis commissions or open vacancies.

You can get more information about the cooperation possibilities of the different subjects by contacting them directly.

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