Visa and Residence Permit
​Apply for residence permit well in advance!

Residence Permit

A residence permit and visa must be obtained prior to arrival in Finland. A residence permit is required for a stay of more than 3 months. You can apply for these from the diplomatic mission representing Finland in your home country and application can be done most easily online

Apply for the "Residence permit for a researchers"

You can use e-services to open your own user account, initiate an application, add supplements to an application, pay for an application electronically, supplement an application on your own initiative or when requested by the authorities, monitor the processing status of an application, obtain notifications of decisions, receive notifications by e-mail or SMS of the arrival of messages in your customer account, for example concerning a request for further information, or notification of a decision.

When you have submitted your application using the e-services, you must visit the Finnish embassy you selected in the service within one month to confirm your identity and present original copies of the attachments required for your application.

The visitor must apply for the residence permit him/herself; an employer or host cannot apply for the permit on behalf of a visitor. The residence permit and visa must be obtained prior to arrival in Finland. Please notice also that accompanying family members should apply for a residence permit at the same time as the person invited to UTU, even if they arrive in Finland later.

Notice also that you can apply for a Finnish personal identity code at the same time as you apply for a residence permit for Finland. It is recommended to do so as a Finnish identity code is needed in every day life in Finland.

Researchers, teachers and doctoral students employed by UTU, or those who receive a scholarship from an institution or organization, should apply for a Residence Permit for for a researcher. 

Hosting Agreement

According to the Finnish Immigration Service, a Hosting Agreement is not required if an invitation letter or an employment contract is enclosed.

How to apply?

Resident permit for researchers

In the rare cases when a Doctoral Candidate is funding his or her own studies, e.g. by using their own savings, an application should be made for a student residence permit.

Residence Permit Application for Study

Are you a Student or a Researcher?

For further information on visa applications and residence permits, please contact the nearest Finnish Embassy, or diplomatic mission representing Finland and make the appointment well before your arrival.
Detailed information on matters concerning visa and residence permits can be found on the website of the Finnish Immigration Services. Please notice also that the prerequisites for entrance and residence are always checked by Finnish Immigration Service.


A non-EU researcher or lecturer coming to Finland for research purposes, based on an agreement or invitation for maximum of 3 months, may conduct research during the visa´s period of validity or the visa-free period. 


Permit Extensions

First residence permit is for a one year. If employment, or studies continue after this period, applications for permit extensions should be made to Finnish Immigration Services Enter Finland.

EU / EEA citizens are not required a residence permit in Finland. Non-EU / EEA citizens who have a permanent residence permit in an EU / EEA country (other than Finland) require a residence permit if the stay exceeds 3 months.
The EU residence permit granted by a Schengen State will allow you to reside in another Schengen State for up to 90 days. To stay longer you must apply for a national residence permit from the other Member State. The EU residence permit will allow you to work only in the Member State that granted the EU residence permit.



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