16th Nordic Meeting on Tropical Botany, Turku, Finland

Wednesday August 10, 2016

9:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome and practical information

10:15 Hanna Tuomisto - A drone's-eye view to the interplay between geology and vegetation in a northern Amazonian savanna mosaic

10:35 Jasper Van doninck - A seamless Landsat image mosaic for Amazon vegetation mapping

10:55 Coffee break

11:30 Gabriel Moulatlet - Usefulness of soil maps to detect suitable habitats for ferns in Amazonia

11:50 Gabriela Zuquim - Mapping soil conditions from fern occurrences in Amazonia

12:10 Lunch in the restaurant Galilei

13:40 Markku Larjavaara - Wood of trees, shrubs and lianas

14:00 Nelly Llerena - Using DELTA package for speeding up species descriptions

14:20 Coffee break

14:50 Christopher Barnes - Understanding intraspecific variation of anti-malarial compounds within the ‘fever tree’ ​

15:10 Fernando O. G. Figueiredo - Disentangling climate and soil controls on species range in Amazonia using species distribution models​

15:30 Guided visit to herbarium TUR

19:00 Conference dinner at restaurant boat Svarte Rudolf

Thursday August 11, 2016

10:00 Kalle Ruokolainen - Impressions on floristic variation across geologically different surfaces around Humaitá, southwestern Brazil

10:20 Risto Kalliola - Enigmatic distribution of Amazonian bamboo-dominated forests

10:40 Coffee break

11:10 Sanna Huttunen - Phylogenetic position and biogeography of the moss family Plagiotheciaceae

11:30 Thien-Tam Luong - Diversification, taxonomy and phylogeny of Meteoriaceae, focusing on Meteorium and Barbella s. lat.

11:50 Tinja Pitkämäki - Epiphytic diversity and its functional importance in tropical montane rain forests

12:10 Lunch in the restaurant Galilei

13:40 Brecht Verstraete - The coffee family and their symbiotic leaf bacteria

14:00 Glenda Cárdenas - Can ferns and lycophytes tell us something about the habitat use of monkeys?​

14:20 Coffee break

14:50 Mirkka M. Jones - Fern species- and community-level traits on a rainfall gradient in Panama

15:10 Samuli Lehtonen - Diversity dependent origination and environmentally driven extinction shape the evolution of terrestrial flora 

15:30 Closing remarks and open discussion

Friday August 12, 2016

9:00-20:30 Excursion to the island of Seili (includes lunch and snacks).

Group picture of participants.


Samuli Lehtonen
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Glenda Cárdenas
Johanna Toivonen
Hanna Tuomisto


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