MSc students
Eronen, Aslak
  • Distribution of Amazonian ferns in relation to light
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail:
   Aravena Lienqueo, Maria
  • Natural and urban dynamics, Amazonian cities, ​urban geography
  • Department of Geography and Geology
  • e-mail:

Kayaanan, Fatih
  • Dynamics of Amazonian bamboos
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail:
​Koskimäki, Teemu
  • Deforestation fronts, protected area effectiveness, global problems, GIS​
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail:
Helve, Merja
  • environmental effects of cacao cultivation
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail:

​Recent MSc ​graduates​

       Ferreira-Aulu, Marianna B.
  • ​Futures thinking, sustainable development, Belo Monte controversy
  • Finland Futures Research Center
  • e-mail: ​​
   Kaunisto, Pipsa
  • Functional properties of tropical ferns
  • Department of Biology
   Muro, Javier
  • Remote sensing of vegetation
  • Department of Biology
   Urtti, Hanna
  • Flora of raised peat bogs in Peruvian Amazonia
  • Department of Biology
   fani_head.jpg Vera, Fanny
  • use of commercial tree species as soil fertility indicator
  • Department of Biology
      Winberg, Pia
  • compiling information on vascular plant, butterfly and beetle inventories in Peru
  • Department of Biology
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