PhD students
Cardenas, Glenda
  • systematics and ecology of Amazonian ferns
  • Department of Biology
  • Phone: +358-2-333 5635
  • e-mail: glecar[at]
     Helimo, Ulla
  • Human migration from the Andes to the Amazon and its effect on the ecosystem services in the Alto Mayo watershed, San Martin, Peru
  • Department of Geography and Geology
  • e-mail:
Tapani 2 small.JPG
Hopkins, Tapani
  • Tropical parasitoid wasps; their species richness in Uganda and Sulawesi versus the Amazon
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail: tapani.e.hopkins[at]
  • website:
Kosonen, Timo
  • diversity, taxonomy and ecology of Amazonian polypores and corticoid fungi
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail: tikoso[at]
Llerena, Nelly
  • ecology and systematics of Melastomataceae
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail: nelly.llerena[at]
Moulatlet, Gabriel
  • Ecology of ferns and understory herbs; soil and hydrology
  • Depart​​ament of Biology
  • e-mail:
Pérez, Pablo
  • Using remote sensing to model tree species distribution in Amazonia​

  • Department of Biology

  • email: ​

Puhakka, Liisa
  • birdwatching tourism and its contribution to conservation in Peru
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail: lhpuha[at]
Suominen, Lassi
  • use of indicator plants to model soil properties in Amazonia
  • Department of Biology
  • Phone: +358-2-333 8743
  • e-mail: lasasu[at]

Recent graduates
Gómez Avila, Isrrael
  • taxonomy and systematics of Amazonian Ichneumonidae
  • Department of Biology
  • e-mail: isrrael.gomez[at]​

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