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Journal articles in 2000

Mäki, S. & Kalliola, R. (2000). Visualization and communication in map-making: a case study of mapping a complex rainforest environment in Peruvian Amazonia. Cartographica 37(2): 27-42.

Ruokolainen, K. & Vormisto, J. (2000). The most widespread Amazonian palms tend to be tall and habitat generalists. Basic and Applied Ecology 1: 97-108.  DOI: 10.1078/1439-1791-00020  [PDF (268 kB)]

Tuomisto, H. & Poulsen, A. D. (2000). Pteridophyte diversity and species composition in four Amazonian rain forests. Journal of Vegetation Science 11: 383-396. DOI: 10.2307/3236631  [PDF (856 kB)]

Vormisto, J., Phillips, O., Ruokolainen, K., Tuomisto, H. & Vásquez, R. (2000). A comparison of fine-scale distribution patterns of four plant groups in an Amazonian rainforest. Ecography 23: 349-359. DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2000.tb00291.x  [PDF (3.5 MB)]


Journal articles in 1999

Kalliola, R., Jokinen, P. & Tuukki, E. (1999). Fluvial dynamics and sustainable development in upper Rio Amazonas, Peru. - In Padoch, C., Ayres, J.M., Pinedo-Vasquez, M. & Henderson, A. (eds): Varzea. Diversity, development, and conservation of Amazonia's whitewater floodplains. Advances in Economic Botany 13: 271-282.

Mäki, S. Luonnonympäristön monimuotoisuus maankäytön suunnittelun perustana Amazonian länsiosissa. (1999). In Ahlqvist, T., Inkinen, T. & Tuhkanen, S. (eds.), Kohden väitöskirjaa / Towards doctoral dissertation. Publicationes Instituti Geographici Universitatis Turkuensis 161: 71-76.

Rosales, J., Petts, G. & Salo, J. (1999). Riparian Flooded Forests in the Orinoco and Amazon Basin: A Comparative Review. Biodiversity and Conservation 8: 551-586.

Schulman, L., Ruokolainen, K. & Tuomisto, H. (1999). Parameters for global ecosystem models. Nature 399: 535-536. DOI: 10.1038/21100  [PDF (156 kB)]

Wesselingh, F.P., Cadée, G.C. & Renema, W. (1999). Flying high: on the airborne dispersal of aquatic organisms as illustrated by the distribution histories of the gastropod genera Tryonia and Planorbarius. Geologie en Mijnbouw 78: 165-174.

Wesselingh, F.P. & Gittenberger, E. (1999). The giant Amazonian snail (Pulmonata: Acavidae) beats them all. The Veliger 42(1): 67-71.


Journal articles in 1998

Mäki, S.K. (1998). Perun Amazonian vaihteleva luonnonympäristö maankäytön suunnittelun haasteena (Summary: Environmental heterogeneity as a challenge for land use planning in the Peruvian Amazonia). Terra 110(4): 237-246.

Tuomisto, H. (1998). What satellite imagery and large-scale field studies can tell about biodiversity patterns in Amazonian forests. Ann. Missouri Bot. Garden 85: 48–62. Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2991994  [PDF (4.4 MB)]

Tuomisto, H., Poulsen, A. D. & Moran, R. C. (1998). Edaphic distribution of some species of the fern genus Adiantum in Western Amazonia. Biotropica 30(3): 392–399. DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7429.1998.tb00073.x  [PDF (2 MB)]


Journal articles in 1997

Ruokolainen, K., Linna, A. & Tuomisto, H. (1997). Use of Melastomataceae and pteridophytes for revealing phytogeographic patterns in Amazonian rain forests. Journal of Tropical Ecology 13: 243-256. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0266467400010439  [PDF (3.1 MB)]

Tuomisto, H. & Ruokolainen, K. (1997). The role of ecological knowledge in explaining biogeography and biodiversity in Amazonia. Biodiversity and Conservation 6: 347-357. DOI: 10.1023/A:1018308623229  [PDF (2.8 MB)]

Kalliola, R. & Flores Paitàn, S. (1997). Ecological site conditions and landuse options in Amazonian Peru. In Usò, J..L., Brebbia, C.A. & Power, H.(eds.), Ecosystems and Sustainable Development. Advances in Ecological Sciences, vol. 1, pp 253-263


Journal articles in 1996

Jokinen, P., Tuukki, E., Kalliola, R. & Sarmiento, A. (1996). Vegetación en terrenos de diferentes edades en las islas del Alto Río Amazonas, Peru. Folia Amazonica 8(2): 1-20.

Pärssinen, M. H., Salo, J. S. & Räsänen, M. E. (1996). River floodplain relocations and the abandonment of aborigine settlements in the Upper Amazon Basin: a historical case study of San Miguel de Cunibos at the Middle Ucayali River . Geoarchaeology: An International Journal 11 (4): 345-359.

Tuomisto, H. & Poulsen, A. D. (1996). Influence of edaphic specialization on pteridophyte distribution in neotropical rain forests. Journal of Biogeography 23(3): 283-293. DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2699.1996.00044.x  [PDF (3.9 MB)]

Tuukki, E., Jokinen, P. & Kalliola, R. (1996). Migraciónes en el río Amazonas en las últimas décadas. Folia Amazonica 8(1): 112-131.


Journal articles in 1995

de Kroon, H. & Kalliola, R. (1995). Shoot dynamics of the giant grass Gynerium sagittatum in Peruvian Amazon floodplains, a clonal plant that does show self-thinning. Oecologia 101: 124-131.

Puhakka, M. & Kalliola, R. (1995). Floodplain vegetation mosaics in western Amazonia. Biogeographica 71(1): 1-14.

Räsänen, M. E., Linna, A. M., Santos, J. C. R. & Negri, F. R. (1995). Late Miocene tidal deposits in the Amazonian foreland basin. Science 269: 386-390. DOI: 10.1126/science.269.5222.386

Tuomisto, H. & Groot, A. T. (1995). Identification of the juveniles of some ferns from western Amazonia. American Fern Journal 85(1): 1-28. Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/1547677  [PDF (6 MB)]

Tuomisto, H., Ruokolainen, K., Kalliola, R., Linna, A., Danjoy, W. & Rodriguez, Z. (1995). Dissecting Amazonian biodiversity. Science 269: 63-66. DOI: 10.1126/science.269.5220.63  [PDF (988 kB)]


Journal articles in 1994

Kalliola, R. & Renvoize, S. A. (1994). One or more species of Gynerium (Poaceae)? Kew Bulletin 49 (2): 305-320.

Ruokolainen, K., Tuomisto, H., Ríos, R., Torres, A. & García, M. (1994). Comparación florística de doce parcelas en bosque de tierra firme en la Amazonia peruana. Acta Amazonica 24(1/2): 31-48.

Tuomisto, H., Linna, A. & Kalliola, R. (1994). Use of digitally processed satellite images in studies of tropical rain forest vegetation. International Journal of Remote Sensing 15(8): 1595-1610. DOI: 10.1080/01431169408954194  [PDF (2.8 MB)]

Tuomisto, H. & Ruokolainen, K. (1994). Distribution of Pteridophyta and Melastomataceae along an edaphic gradient in an Amazonian rain forest. Journal of Vegetation Science 5(1): 25-34. DOI: 10.2307/3235634  [PDF (1.7 MB)]


Journal articles in 1993

Kalliola, R. Linna, A., Puhakka, M., Salo, J. & Räsänen M. (1993). Mineral nutrients from fluvial sediments in the Peruvian Amazon. Catena 20: 333-349.

Tuomisto, H. (1993). Vegetation mapping in the rain forests of Peruvian Amazonia. Kuopio University Publications C. Natural and Environmental Sciences 14: 78-81.


Journal articles in 1992

Kalliola, R., Puhakka, M. & Salo, J. (1992). Intraspecific variation, and the distribution and ecology of Gynerium sagittatum (Poaceae) in the western Amazon. Flora 186: 153-167.

Kalliola, R. , Salo, J., Puhakka, M., Rajasilta, M., Häme, T., Neller, R. J., Räsänen, M. E. & Danjoy Arias, W. A. (1992). Upper Amazon channel migration: Implications for vegetation perturbance and succession using bitemporal Landsat MSS images. Naturwissenschaften 79: 75-79.

Neller, R. J., Salo, J. S. & Räsänen, M. E. (1992). On the formation of blocked valley lakes by channel avulsion in Upper Amazon foreland basins. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 36 (4): 401-411.

Puhakka, M., Kalliola, R., Rajasilta, M. & Salo, J. (1992). River types, site evolution and succesional vegetation patterns in Peruvian Amazonia. Journal of Biogeography 19: 651-665.

Räsänen, M., Neller, R., Salo, J. & Jungner, H. (1992). Recent and ancient fluvial deposition systems in the Amazonian foreland basin, Peru. Geological Magazine 129 (3): 293-306.

Tuomisto, H., Ruokolainen, K. & Salo, J. (1992). Lago Amazonas: Fact or fancy? Acta Amazonica 22 (3): 353-361. [PDF (1.1 MB)]


Journal articles in 1991

Kalliola, R., Puhakka, M., Salo, J., Tuomisto, H. & Ruokolainen, K. (1991). The dynamics, distribution and classification of swamp vegetation in Peruvian Amazonia. Annales Botanici Fennici 28: 225-239.  [PDF (2.7 MB)]

Kalliola, R., Salo, J., Puhakka, M. & Rajasilta, M. (1991). New site formation and colonizing vegetation in primary succession on the Western Amazon floodplains. Journal of Ecology 79: 877-901.

Räsänen, M. E., Salo, J. S. & Jungner, H. (1991). Holocene floodplain lake sediments in the Amazon: 14C dating and palaeoecological use. Quaternary Science Reviews 10: 363-372.

Salo, J.S., & Kalliola, R.J. (1991). River dynamics and natural forest regeneration in the Peruvian Amazon. Gómez-Pompa, A., Whitmore, T. C. & Hadley, M. (eds.) Rain forest regeneration and management. UNESCO MAB (Series) 6: 245-256.

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