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Journal articles in 2001

Colinvaux, P.A., Irion, G., Räsänen, M.E., Bush, M.B. & Nunes de Mello, J.A.S. (2001). A paradigm to be discarded: Geological and paleoecological data falsify the Haffer & Prance refuge hypothesis of Amazonian speciation. Amazoniana XVI(3/4): 609-646.

Miyakawa, V., Kalliola, R., Mena, J.-L. & Mattos, J. (2001). Sistema de información de la diversidad biológica y ambiental de la Amazonía Peruana. Seria BIODAMAZ- IIAP, Documento técnico 2: 1-55.

Mäki, S., Kalliola, R. & Vuorinen, K. (2001). Road construction in the Peruvian Amazon: process, causes and consequences. Environmental Conservation 28: 199-214.

Ruokolainen, K., Schulman, L. & Tuomisto, H. (2001). On Amazonian peatlands. International Mire Conservation Group Newsletter 2001/4: 8-10. [First paragraph] [PDF (212 kB)]

Smith, A.R., Tuomisto, H., Pryer, K.M., Hunt, J.S. & Wolf, P.G. (2001). A second species of Metaxya and unexpected genetic variation in the previously monospecific tree fern family Metaxyaceae. Systematic Botany 26: 480-486. [PDF (276 kB)]

Toivonen, T. & Mäki, S. (2001). Accessibility of lowland rain forest of Western Amazonia via rivers: an analysis using Landsat TM mosaic and GIS. In Ehlers, M. (ed.) Remote sensing for environmental monitoring, GIS applications, and geology. Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 4545:145-154.

Tuomisto, H. & Moran, R. C. (2001). Marattiaceae. Flora of Ecuador 66: 23-68. [PDF (3.7 MB)

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