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Journal articles in 2002

Christenhusz, M. J. M. (2002) Notes on Euphorbia and Pedilanthus (Euphorbiaceae) in the Guianas. Harvard Papers in Botany 7 (1): 1-6.

Gingras, M.K., Räsänen, M., Ranzi, A. (2002) The significance of bioturbated inclined heterolithic stratification in the southern part of the Miocene Solimões Formation, Rio Acre, Amazonia Brazil. Palaios 17, 591-601.

Gingras, M.K., Räsänen, M.E., Pemberton, G., Romero, L. (2002) Ichnology and sedimentology reveal depositional characteristics of bay margin parasequences in the Miocene Amazonian Foreland Basin. J. Sediment. Res. 72(6), 871-883.

Ruokolainen, K. & Tuomisto, H. (2002). Beta-diversity in tropical forests. Science 297: 1439a. [PDF (60 kB)]

Ruokolainen, K., Tuomisto, H., Vormisto, J. & Pitman, N. (2002). Two biases in estimating range sizes of Amazonian plant species. J. Trop. Ecol. 18: 935-942. [PDF (64 kB)]

Schulman, L. (2002). Nature conservation in Amazonia: the role of biological theory in reserve delimitation. (Conservación de la naturaleza en la Amazonía: El rol de la teoría biológica en la delimitación de las reservas.). — In: Bussmann, R. W. & Lange, S. (Eds.), Conservación de la biodiversidad en los Andes y la Amazonía, memorias del primer congreso de biodiversidad, 24 a 28 Setiembre de 2001, Cusco, Perú (Conservation of biodiversity in the Andes and the Amazon, Proceedings of the first international congress of biodiversity): 501¬508. Inka e.V., Munich, Germany. (CD-ROM publication).

Toivonen, T., Kalliola, R. & Driesprong, A. (2002). Western Amazonian GIS, Creation process of Landsat TM image mosaic and Internet map service. UTU-LCC publications vol. 4.

Toivonen, T. Kalliola, R. & Ruokolainen, K. (2002) Gradient phenomenon in Amazonian Landsat TM images: true or illusion? Proceedings of the Second Workshop of the EARSel Special Interest Group on Remote Sensing for Developing Countries, Bonn, Germany September 18-20, 2002: 43-50.

Tuomisto, H., Ruokolainen, K., Poulsen, A.D., Moran, R.C., Quintana, C., Cañas, G. & Celi, J. (2002) Distribution and diversity of pteridophytes and Melastomataceae along edaphic gradients in Yasuni National Park, Ecuadorian Amazonia. Biotropica 34: 516-533. [PDF (416 kB)]

Vormisto, J. (2002). Making and marketing chambira hammocks and bags in the village of Brillo Nuevo, northeastern Peru. Economic Botany 56(1):27-40. [PDF (1.7 MB)]

Vormisto, J. (2002). Palms as rainforest resources: how evenly are they distributed in Peruvian Amazonia? Biodiversity and Conservation 11:1025-1045

Wesselingh, F.P., Räsänen, M.E., Irion, G., Vonhof, H.B., Kaandorp, R., Renema, W., Romero Pittman, L., Gingras, M. (2002). Lake Pebas: A palaeoecological reconstruction of a Miocene, long-lived lake complex in western Amazonia. Cainozoic Res. 1(1-2) (2001), 35-81.

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