Seminars 2015
Thursday,  November 30, at 14.30 Dr Felicia Ziparo (University of Birmingham):
"K-band luminosity - weak-lensing mass relation for groups and clusters of galaxies"
Thursday, November 26, at 14.30 Kostantin Postnov (MSU):
"Magnetispheric interaction in accreting X-ray puslars"
Thursday, November 20, at 14.30 Olga K. Sil'chenko (Sternberg Astronomical Institute of the Lomonosov Moscow State University):
"Evolution of disk galaxies: accretion instead of quenching?"
Tuesday,  November 17, at 14.00 Ryan Leaman (MPIA):
"Cooling and heating in the Milky Way's Goldilocks disk"
Thursday,  November 12, at 14.30 Alexander (Sasha) Tchekhovskoy (UC Berkeley):
"Simulations of black hole accretion and jets"
Thursday, November 5, at 14.30 Melvyn Davies (University of Lund):
"Stellar clusters and the exotica within them"
Thursday, October 29, at 14.30 Mika Juvela (Helsinki):
"Studies of Galactic interstellar clouds and star formation"
Thursday,  October 22, at 14.30 Adam Muzzin (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University): "The Formation of Galaxy Clusters and the Evolution of Their Galaxies at 0 < z < 2"
Tuesday,  October 12, at 15.00 Prof. Dong Lai (Cornell University):
"Merging Compact Binaries"
Thursday,  October 8, at 14.30 Alexander Mushtukov (Tuorla observatory):
"X-ray pulsars in a wide luminosity range"
Tuesday, October 6, at 14.00 Bo Reipurth (University of Hawaii):
"The Dynamical Evolution of Newborn Triple Systems"
Tuesday, October 1, at 14.30 Anton Biryukov (Sternberg Astron. Inst. of Moscow University):
"Tracking the radiopulsar magnetic angle evolution"
Tuesday, September 29, at 14.30 Sepidehsadat Sadegi(Master’s Thesis):
"Polarimetric Studies of Binary Stars”
Wednesday, September 24, at 14.30 Anton Biryukov (Sternberg Astron. Inst., Moscow):

"Wide-field optical monitoring with high temporal resolution: methods, scientific objectives, potentialities and a new"

Thursday, September 17, at 14.30 Stefano Andreon (INAF-OA Brera, Italy):
"High redshift galaxy clusters, a short journey to them"
Thursday, September 10, at 14.30 Jouni Kainulainen (MPI for Astronomy, Heidelberg):
"The link between molecular cloud structure and star formation"
Thursday, August 27, at 14.30 ​Malcolm Bremer (University of Bristol):
"Observational searches for high redshift clusters & protoclusters"
August 25, at 14.00
Steve Phillipps (University of Bristol):
"GAMA and Galaxy Evolution"
Wednesday, June 11, at 14.30 R. Michael Rich (University of California, Los Angeles):
"The Central Bulge of our Galaxy:  New Insights and Mysteries"
May 28, at
Enn Saar (Tartu Observatory, Estonia):"Title: How do draw a Universe?"
May 21, at
Eva Grebel (ARI/ZAH, University of Heidelberg, Germany):"Dwarf Galaxies and Their Role as Building Blocks”
May 20, at
Kalliopi Dasyra (University of Athens, Greece):
"AGN feedback affecting galaxy evolution: evidence from observations of galaxies with radio jets"
May 7, at
Andrea Kunder (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, AIP, Berlin):"Galactic Bulge Kinematics from the Bulge Radial Velocity Assay (BRAVA)"
April 23, at
Dr. Angela Iovino (Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Milano):"The Wall in HD: a case study at z~0.73  "
Thursday,     April 16, at  14.30 Mauri Valtonen (Tuorla observatory):
"Does the Moon fall from the sky?"
Thursday,  March 26, at 14.30 Stephan Rosswog (Stockholm University):
"Towards a multi-messenger picture of compact binary mergers"
March 19, at 14.30

Johan Fynbo (DARK, Copenhagen):

"Pieces to the Puzzle of Galaxy Formation"

March 5, at 14.30
Heidi Korhonen(Tuorla):
"In search of small exoplanets"
Thursday February 26, at 14.30

Seppo Mikkola (Tuorla):

"Simulation of few-body dynamics.  (A  history of my field and work)"

Thursday February 19, at 14.30

Andrzej Zdziarski (Copernicus Astronomical Center, University of Warsaw):

"Jet launching and hadronic processes in blazars"
February 12, at 14.30

Rachael Roettenbacher (University of Michigan):

"Imaging Stars with Long-Baseline Interferometry"

February 5, at 14.30

Nikolay Kacharov (U. Heidelberg, Germany):

"Dynamics and chemistry of the very metal-poor globular cluster NGC 4372"

January 29, at 14.30

Pavel Abolmasov (Moscow State University):

"Gravitational lensing reveals the structure of black hole accretion disks"

January 22, at 14.30
Morgan Fraser (IoA, University of Cambridge, UK): 
"Gone without a bang: An observational search for supernova progenitors and failed supernova explosions"


January 15, at 14.30

Nadia Blagorodnova (Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge):
"Transient astronomy with Gaia"

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