Seminars 2016
Thursday,  December 8, at 14.30 Hanindyo KUNCARAYAKTI:
"IFU study of supernova environments and progenitors"​
Thursday,  November 29, at 14.00
Karri Koljonen (FINCA/Metsähovi):
"Decomposing Superbursts"

Thursday,  November 24, at 14.30
Nate Bastian (LJMU):
"Multiple stellar populations in globular clusters"  
Thursday,  November 10, at 14.30
Eichiro Komatsu (MPA):
"Mapping Hot Gas in the Universe using the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect"
Thursday,  November 10, at 14.30
Markus Boettcher (North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa):
"Diagnosing Relativistic Particle Acceleration in AGN Jets"
Thursday,  November 3, at 14.30
Thorsten Lisker (Heidelberg):
"Is it possible to probe the assembly history of galaxy clusters with dwarf
Thursday,  October 27, at 14.30
Maria Rosa Cioni (AIP, Potsdam):
"The present status of the Magellanic Clouds. How well do we know our neighbours?"
Thursday,  October 20, at 14.30
"Claudio Dalla Vecchia (IAC, Tenerife):"The EAGLE simulation project"
Thursday,  October 6, at 14.30
Michael West (Lowell Observatory):"Galaxy Forensics"
Thursday,  September 22, at 14.30

Gianluigi Granato (Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste (Italy)): "The early phases of galaxy clusters formation in IR: coupling hydrodynamical simulations with GRASIL-3D"
Thursday,  September 8, at 14.30
Stefano Borgani (Trieste):"Understanding galaxy clusters with cosmological simulations'"
Thursday,  September 1, at 14.30
Malcolm Bremer (Bristol): "The UV upturn in early-type galaxies"
Thursday,  August 25, at 14.30
Maria Chernyakova (Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, Ireland):
Reconstruction of the history of the Galactic Center from X-ray and gamma-ray observations.

Tuesday,  August 23, at 14.30
Rita Schulz (ESA):
Space Missions to Comets and Asteroids. What have we learnt?

Thursday,  July 12, at 14.30
Chris Flynn (Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia):
"Fast Radio Bursts, video game cards, and the largest telescope in the Southern Hemishpere"
Thursday,  May 19, at 14.30
Jay Farihi (UCL):
"Archaeology of Exo-Terrestrial Planetary Systems"
Thursday,  May 12, at 14.30
Amata Mercurio (INAF-Naples Astronomical Observatory):
"Cluster assembly history: combining spectro-photometric properties of galaxies in clusters at intermediate z"
Thursday,  April 28, at 14.30

Martin Altmann (Zentrum fuer Astronomie Heidelberg):
"Gaia - countdown to a revolution in Galactic science"
Thursday,  April 14, at 14.30
Kalle Karhunen (Tuorla):           
"The host galaxies and close environments of low redshift quasars in the SDSS Stripe 82"

April 14, at 14.30
Cristiano De Boni (Institut de Astrophysique Spatiale  - University of Paris South)
"The mass accretion rate of galaxy clusters: a measurable quantity"
April 7, at 14.30
Sarah Bird (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory):
"Halo K Giant Stars from LAMOST: Kinematics and Galactic Mass Estimate"
Thursday,  March 31, at 14.30
Andrea Biviano, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste (Italy):
"The orbits of galaxies in clusters over the last 8 Gyr"
Thursday,  March 24, at 14.30
Jochen Liske (Hamburg Observatory):
"The low-redshift universe as seen by the Galaxy And Mass Assembly survey"
Thursday,  March 17, at 14.30 Pauli Pihajoki (University of Helsinki):
"Black hole accretion disc impacts"

Thursday,  March 3, at 14.30
Paolo Saracco (Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Milano):
"Probing the evolution of cluster and field elliptical galaxies since z~1.3"

Thursday,  February 18, at 14.30 Peter H. Johansson (Helsinki):
"The formation of the first supermasssive black holes in the Universe"
Thursday,  February 4, at 14.30 Ronald Läsker (FINCA):
"The Black Hole - Bulge Mass Relation in Megamaser Host Galaxies"
Thursday,  January 29, at 14.30 Violeta Perez-Gonzalez (U. Durham):
"Issues with making galaxies in the computer relatively fast"
Thursday,  January 19, at 14.30 Susanne Aalto (Onsala Observatory):
"The cold winds of change - hot cores and cool outflows in dusty galaxies"

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