Master's theses


  • Ghasemi, Homa: ”Long-term optical monitoring of blazars”, Astronomy
  • Khansari, Marzieh: ”Near-infrared observations of supernovae with the Nordic Optical Telescope”, Astronomy
  • Saario, Joonas: “Spectroscopic Studies of Fermi LAT Blazars”, Astronomy
  • Saarnio, Jussi: ”Avoimen tähtijoukon M44:n tähtien fotometrinen seuranta eksoplaneetan ylikulun havaitsemiseen käyttämällä Tuorlan 70 cm:n kaukoputkea”, Astronomy
  • Salmi, Tuomo: "Mass and radius constraints for neutron stars from pulse shape modeling”, Astronomy


  • Sadegi, Sepidehsadat: "Polarimetric Studies of Binary Stars: The case of HD 48099”, Astronomy


  • Heikkilä, Teppo: “Constraints for core-collapse supernova progenitors with the Chandra X-ray Observatory”, Astronomy
  • Fallah Ramazani, Vandad: ” Very High Energy Gamma-Rays emitting BL LAC's Population Study”, Astronomy
  • Anjum, Muhammad: ”Nonlinear SSC modelling of blazars”, Astronomy
  • Harmanen, Jussi: ”The evolution of supernova 2011ap from near ultraviolet to infrared" , Astronomy
  • Laitinen, Reko: “Statistical study of velocity dispersion analysis of Solar particle eruptions" , Space physics


  • Sanghvi, Jimit: ”The low-mass end of the black hole – host galaxy mass relation in quasars at 0.5 < z < 1.0", Astronomy
  • Poudel, Anup: ”Crossmatching SDSS group galaxies with WISE objects”, Astronomy
  • Alabi, Adebusola: “Globular Cluster Bimodality in Isolated Elliptical Galaxies”, Astronomy
  • Saarinen, Joonas: ”Detection of dark energy in the local galaxy group”, Astronomy
  • Mera, Misganaw: "Design, construction and testing of the prototype of a simple particle instrument for a space flight ", Space physics
  • Ahvensalmi, Antti: "Substructure in large dark matter haloes", Astronomy


  • Kangas, Tuomas: "Supernovae population and progenitor stars in starburst galaxies", Astronomy
  • Lacy Mora, Gerardo: "The Universe at its Large: Properties of Superclusters of Galaxies from an "Adaptive Luminosity Density Field" Catalogue", Astronomy 


  • Ashraf, Khawaja Nozair: "On the Calibration of COSIMA In-Situ Experiment Onboard ESA Rosetta Rendez-vous Space Mission Towards the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko", Astronomy
  • Raukunen, Osku: "Identification and analysis of the high-energy particles in ERNE", Space physics
  • Ramakrishnan, Venkatessh: "Detection of Radio Supernovae with the VLA", Astronomy
  • Lakka, Antti: "Calibration of the electron spectrometer", Space physics


  • Into, Tom: "Stellar population synthesis: the effect of improved Asymptotic Giant Branch models and of interstellar dust on mass-to-light-color relations", Astronomy
  • Kujanpää, Jaakko: "About the causes influencing the particle density in halo-coronal mass ejections close to the centre of the Solar disk", Space physics



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