Turku Urban Climate Research Group (TURCLIM)

Temperature inversion with a smog layer over Turku city after a clear, cold night.
The chimney in the middle is 106 m high. View towards the W from the University campus.
12 March 2004, 10 am.


The Department of Geography initiated the Turku Urban Climate Research Project (TURCLIM)  in 1998 by setting up a network of temperature loggers in and around the city. The rationale of the project was to study spatial patterns urban climate with the aid of permanent weather data collection system. The project was also foreseen to facilitate educational purposes in e.g., urban climatology and data processing/analysis techniques. The project has become a permanent part of Department's research activities with strong collaboration with the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Turku Environmental Protection Office, and was transformed to Urban Climate Research Group in 2010.
Urban areas are special cases for climatological research, since their physical structure differ markedly from any other type of landscape and, additionally, the human activities themselves contribute to the climate by for example artificial heating. One feature of urban climate is the urban heat island UHI, which refers to relative warmness of the city as compared to the surrounding rural areas. The pivotal reasons for UHI are differences in anthropogenic heat release and solar heat storage between urban and rural areas. UHI is a challenging research topic and of high interest in the era of climate change, as the number of urban dwellers is growing fast globally. Due to variable topography and coastal location, Turku (60º27 N, 22º16 E) is a demanding and interesting research environment for urban climatologist.
This website includes basic information about the Research Group as well as data and welcomes those interested about it to take part in its activities.

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