Monographies & Edited Volumes

Revonsuo A (2017) Foundations of Consciousness. London: Routledge. (in press)​

Revonsuo A. (2010) Consciousness, The Science of Subjectivity. London: Psychology Press, (Hardback and Paperback editions, 325 pp.)​

Revonsuo A (2006) Inner Presence. Consciousness as a Biological Phenomenon. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. (First Hardback Edition, 473 pp. 2006; First Paperback Edition, 473 pp, 2009.)

Rossetti Y & Revonsuo A (Eds.) (2000)  Beyond Dissociation: Interaction Between Dissociated Implicit and Explicit Processing. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (372 pp.)​

Revonsuo A & Kamppinen M. (Eds.) (1994) Consciousness in Philosophy and Cognitive Neuros­cience. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. (300 pp.)


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