EduSteps - education and peers, development and learning

Some study questions:

  1. What are parents preferences and choices concerning day care: family day care vrs., kindergarten and public vrs private
  2. To what kind of early childhood education children take part from infancy to school age?
  3.  The structural quality of day care and group changes of the children
  4. Parenthood  and ”teacherhood” and child-rearing practices
  5. Co-operation between home and day care
  6. Differ the playst hat children play at home and in day care and differ the quality of play in these contexts?
  7. Are the social-emotional difficulties permanent from the age of 18 months to 3 years and  to the age of 8?



Data collection/ methods:

The data were and are collected using a variety of methods, including questionnaires and study visits already from pregnancy. Data from multiple sources (home and day care/school) are used to obtain a more complete picture of development and learning and also of guidance and education. For more precise description of EduSteps data collection (time points and used methods), click the following link:

EduSteps data collection


Research group (seniors):

Adj. Prof. Päivi Pihlaja

Adj. Prof. PhD, Minna Kyttälä

PhD Anu Warinowski

PhD Marita Neitola

PhD Teija Holst

PhD Piia af Ursin

PedLic Heli Ketovuori

Ongoing Ph.D. projects with:

Marko Lähteenmäki

Janina Luoto

Sevcan Hakyemez


Publications (e.g. abstracts, master thesis):

Lagström H, Rautava P, Kaljonen A, Räihä H, Pihlaja P, Korpilahti P, Peltola V, Rautakoski P, Österbacka E, Niemi P, Simell O. Cohort Profile: Steps to the Healthy Development and Well-being of Children (the STEPS Study). Int J Epidemiol 2013;42:1273-1284.

Presentations in scientific conferences

Pihlaja, Päivi. Helsinki. Finland. ESCAP (European Society for Child and Adolescent psychiatry ) (2011) Presentation:  The occurrence of social-emotional difficulties and/or deficits among 18-month old toddlers together with ; Fyrsten, Jenny; Alakortes, Jaana; Kaljonen, Anne; Moilanen, Irma; Ebeling, Hanna; Carter, Alice.

Pihlaja, Päivi & Neitola, Marita. Helsinki, Finland. The Finnish Annual Congress of Educational Research. (2012) Presentation: Äitien kokema yksinäisyys ja sen yhteydet taaperoikäisten lasten sosio-emotionaaliseen kompetenssiin, sen viiveisiin sekä vaikeuksiin [Mothers lonelyness and  toddlers´sociomemotional competence, delays and difficulties].

Pihlaja, Päivi. Tallinn, Estonia, EECERA. (2013) Presentation: Gender and social-emotional difficulties among toddlers. Barcelona, EECERA. (2015) EduSteps symposium with presentations:
Holst, Teija. Association between infant daycare & parent´s working in Finland
Warinowski, Anu. Children's Gendered Play Practices at Home
Ketovuori, Heli.  Support steps in pre-primary education in Finland


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