Developing Maternity Health Clinics Study

The relevancy of the organzational model of the Finnish maternity health clinic is seen in: 

  • Mothers prefer the combined maternity and child health clinics to the separate maternity health clinics (and child health clinics)
  • The organizational model of the maternity health clinics were connected to several aspects of the care that the parents assessed good.
  • The parents who visited the combined maternity and child health clinics received more home visits.
  • 995 mothers and 789 fathers in the area of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland who participated in the study.

*) Tuominen M, Kaljonen A, Ahonen P, Rautava P. 2012. Does the organizational model of the maternity health clinic have an influence on women’s and their partners’ experiences? A service evaluation survey in Southwest Finland. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2012, 12:96.

We still have under study

What the first time parents expect
  • For the health clinic and the next of kin
  • Were their expectations met after the child was born?
  • Do the home visits made by the clinics support parenthood?
  • What are their wishes for developing the mother health clinics?

The influence of an abortion on the first time mothers and their partners

  • on their expectations and experiences on the health clinic services
  • on the mental welfare in mid pregnancy
  • and on the welfare of the foetus and the use of  health clinic services during the pregnancy
  • on the delivery and the welfare of the child during the first week of his/her life
  • on the mental welfare after the child was born and self assessment of the parenthood up to 18 months.

Research group

  • Päivi Rautava, Paediatrician and Professor of Preventive Health Care
  • Pia Ahonen, PhD, Principal Lecturer, Degree Programme Manager
  • Miia Tuominen, RN, PHN, Master of  Health Care, Researcher
  • Susanna Holmlund, MD, Researcher
  • Tuula Cornu, Master of Health Science, Director of Nursing, Researcher



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