Yougsters in focus 2012 – from participation to wellbeing

​Report from 2012 survey highlights how important is to take into account children’s and youth’s participation at the municipal level as municipality is a fixed part of adolescents’ immediate surroundings. Participation is a skill comparable to reading, writing, and counting. It must be learned.

Adolescents are still in phase of practicing the skills of participation and responsibility and development into active citizen. It’s the task for the adults to give possibilities for these skills to develop.

The report shows lack of practices at the municipal level for listening the adolescents. About every fourth respondent of the total sample 7656 (6th grades=3953, 9th graders=3703) at least sometimes wanted to influence the matters concerning his/her own hometown.

The majority of adolescents were not willing to meet decision-makers of their hometown. On the other hand, half of the ninth graders thought that youngsters and municipal decision-makers should meet and discuss the matters concerning youth.

Report from Youngsters in focus 2012 survey results is available for upload:
Nuoret luupin alla 2012 –osallisuudesta hyvinvointiin (In Finnish, pdf).


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