Definition of non-degree student, degree student and academic visitor

​Non-degree student (undergraduate, master and doctorate student)

A non-degree student is a student taking courses at a host university without having the right to get a degree at this host university. However, these studies allow the non-degree student to receive university transferable credits. There are two types of non-degree students:
- Exchange student is a student who temporarily studies abroad for one semester or academic year. You can be considered as an exchange student if there is a valid student exchange programme between your home university and the host university. Exchange students are expected to receive university credits which they can transfer to their degree studies at their home university. Aurora grantees from partner universities (Target Group 1) are regarded as exchange students. Target Group 2 and 3 applicants may be considered as exchange students if there is a valid student exchange programme between the home university and the host university. Exchange students obtain university credits which are transfered to their studies at their home university. Aurora grantees are normally regarded as exchange students.
- Visiting students are those who independently come to the university without having a formal exchange agreement. Visiting students may be at the university for a variety of reasons. For example, he or she might already have a degree and wants to further his/her knowledge in a particular field or the host university offers a programme or course unavailable at his or her home university which has no formal exchange agreement. Not having degree student status at the host university means that the student may only participate in courses or the programme to which he/she has been accepted.

Degree student (undergraduate, master and doctorate student)

A degree student has usually passed an entrance examination and obtained an official right to take degree at the university where s/he studies. The duration of degree studies varies from 2 years to 5 years and requires full-time studies. The outcome after the student's thesis/dissertation will be a degree (e.g. Master's or Doctoral degree).
Please note that each faculty/department of the partner university has its own application procedure regarding the degree studies. It is not possible, in general, for an Aurora applicant to get enrolled for a degree programme unless he or she has just recently passed the entrance examinations. Please contact the partner universities for further information.

Academic visit (post-doctorate and academic staff)

Academics are visitors who give lectures while their visit or participate in a research project. Teaching is normally part of the study programme of the host institution. During the visit academics can also conduct their own research.

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